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2016 came to the table

Literally, I feel like my life had always been a flow of consistency until 2016.
Remember my post about my “mid-life crisis?” ha ha!

Well between now and then, I found myself again.

I was like an empty shell of “what do I do now?” well I am glad I got to ask myself that question because often I speak with people 40+ year olds who say “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!” I am sorry what? well firstly, it is never too late to do what you want, but the only reason your now 40 asking yourself that question is because you haven’t taken the time before to think about it or maybe you have but you didn’t make it happen. I only say that, because in the last 4 months I could have easily not taken the time to see what was right in front of me.

Regardless, I just didn’t want to get to that point in my life and then feel like I can’t make my dreams happen. Selling my business, quitting my job and moving interstate with my partner really left me wondering if I would ever find out my actual purpose? I always say I am destined for something BIG! and I believe it!  I really think that is what has lead me to discover that I truly do have a purpose and it is time to just take the risk and act on it!

So 2017, it will bring big things for me! But first, I will definitely take the time to be a mum and lap up all the newborn goodness before it disappears before my eyes. Can’t wait to share my next big plans, it’s going to be a lot of work behind the scenes over the next couple of months – I am going to consider it like growing a baby because it will probably take me just as long to develop before I launch! ha ha.

Anyways, in light of discovering a simple purpose it really has made me appreciate and lust over all my friends that have recently launched businesses. Stepping outside their comfort zones, taking risks and just being persistent. They are all the people that have inspired me and I am so lucky to be surrounded by constant knowledgable and daring business minds!

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