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I am Mikhailla.

I always say I am a woman of many words, because when you start a conversation with me, you’ll get more than you ever expected back. I consider myself a ‘giver‘, I will give you my all, my thoughts, my opinions, my time and whatever else is required so that you can walk away feeling ‘whole‘ again.

& that is where my journey starts with


Born & Bred in the Sunshine State, I grew up living a large portion of my life in the Whitsundays, before shuffling our way down the coast line and eventually residing in Brisbane.

In March 2017, I gave birth to our first child. Our son, Foxx Fitzgerald was born at almost 39 weeks gestation. After enduring a 17 hour labour/7 hour active labour drug free we welcomed a healthy boy into the world. After 5 hours our son was diagnosed with a Group B Strep Sepsis and lost his fight in the world within just 3 short days
[you can read about it here]

‘Despite experiencing the very real pain of grieving. I am learning to live with loss, rebuild our lives and continue to hope and have faith that brighter days are ahead’

All in all, I’m a Bachelor of Business Marketing major graduate, coeliac, passionate about eating whole and nutritiously delicious meals, exercising and always focusing on the good in our lives.

If I can feel whole, I believe I can help you feel whole again too.

Much Love,

Mikhailla x

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