My Whole Story

My Whole Story

HELLO, I am Mikhailla.


I am glad we have found each other.

Pilates & Boxing
My Fiance, Family & Cavoodles
& advocating for life after loss with an open and positive mindset.


In life there is a lot of highlights in our story reel but it is what we endure in our downfalls that really make the life we live simply real.

I have a highlight reel, but I also have a roller coaster and nightmare reel, we all do. It is just how we interpret it and embrace our challenges that make our journeys worse, better or different from those around us.

My journey started with my negative relationship with food.
I was always looking for the next diet, the next trend that would suit me and soon enough I learnt that there is no one size fits all.

Writing down all the recipes I love cooking and creating the healthier alternatives I soon began to love food because I realised I didn’t have to miss out on anything. This lead me to create a successful recipe eBook available for anyone but also focused towards women in pregnancy and beyond to sustain a happy medium relationship with food now and for the rest of their life.

Then I experienced the worst time of my life.

In March 2017, I gave birth to our first child. Our son, Foxx Fitzgerald was born at almost 39 weeks gestation. After enduring a 17 hour labour/7 hour active labour drug free we welcomed a healthy boy into the world. After 5 hours our son was diagnosed with a Group B Strep Sepsis and lost his fight in the world within just 3 short days
[you can read about it here]

‘Despite experiencing the very real pain of grieving. I am learning to live with loss, rebuild our lives and continue to hope and have faith that brighter days are ahead’

But… In March, 2018. We got to welcome our Daughter. Elle. The absolute spark to our days.

Happiness exists, it exists in everything around us, it can be found again, found after pain.

Found in life after loss.

Alongside my interests, I am also a bachelor of business marketing graduate with an immense passion in marketing, events and promotions, an auto-immune disease fighter and advocate of coeliac disease, love connecting with like minded women and spreading the thoughts of always focusing on the good in our lives.

If I can feel whole, I believe I can help you feel whole again too.

Much Love,

Stay Connected To My Heart
It will just be for the good things.