Affordable Baby Clothes

Affordable Baby Clothes

Affordable baby fashion can be simple to find!

If it’s your first baby chances are you have not even given a second thought to the price you pay for an outfit for your little one. Especially if you are still pregnant! Soon enough they will arrive and you will realise just how quickly they grow and affordable baby clothes become your go-to!

I bought all these affordable baby girl clothes for less than $13 each

You will go down to the shops and see items marked $4, $10 and pick them up but did you know you can buy affordable baby clothes for the same amount that is still super cute!


Summer Playsuit

This is what I call affordable baby fashion! A sweet little summer romper. It has clips at the bottom, ties up at the straps and is flexible enough to fit her for a long time yet. I purchased the 6-12 months size. You can check it out here

Floral Romper

I got asked about this outfit a lot on my Instagram. I also purchased this cute baby onesie online for less than $10. Get yours here

Floral Ruffle Bum Set

I just love ruffle bum bottoms on baby girls! Now that the weather is warming up in Australia I am so excited for all the baby girl clothes I can dress Elle in! I got a size 6-12 months in the one and the bottoms fit great but the top will fit her better around 12 months so I imagine we will get lots of wear out of this! You can view it here

Green Romper

This baby girl romper reminds me of a little birthday present haha! She looks adorable! I went with the green and in a size 80 which is roughly size 6 months. There is still a bit of growth room so I think we could get use out of it until 9 months of age. View it here 


White Backless Dress & Pant Set

This one is super pretty! It is a bit big for Elle at the moment. I purchased the 12 months so it definitely won’t fit until then. Very true to size! This one is priced in USD so it is around $20 shipped. You can get yours here

I hope you like these cute little outfits and they save you some money compared to spending big on handmade! I 100% still support handmade but there is possibly no way I can have a wardrobe full of handmade clothes when you actually have to have so many clothes for your baby and your favourite will always be the cute little outfits so you may as well purchase some affordable baby fashion!

Let me know if you like these below and I will continue to make a monthly blog on our affordable online baby girl fashion purchases!

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