Baby Mama Gift Guide

Baby Mama Gift Guide

After the initial hype of finding out you are having a baby or becoming a mum begins the realisation of ‘What do I really need?’. While it may feel like you already have a lot (including that pile of fifty outfits of baby shower gifts) there is a lot more you will be needing along the way too.

I wanted to give you my list of practical, savvy and affordable gifts! These baby mama gifts include helpful gifts for simply mama, the earth, baby and life beyond the years. Great purchases for yourself or a baby mama to be!

Oil Diffuser

Every family needs one of these. Great for pregnancy and assisting in sleep right through to transitioning it into your bubs room for the purpose of their sleep. It is an easy sleep association that you never have to transition your bub out of. Ever since Elle was a newborn we turned it on at night hoping the smell would not only relax her but also teach her it was night time and time to do long sleep hours! The one I recommend is affordable and has lots of features you can check out here

Video Monitor

This is just taking it back to practical and useful. I get asked this question a lot so I thought it would be a good one to mention is our baby monitor. I know some mums don’t actually invest in one of these but I am obsessed with watching her and love that I have a clear view and can hear her no matter where I am around the house while she is in her room. This is the one I purchased.

If that video monitor is a bit above your price range then one of my friends purchased this one which actually looks the same if not better than my own! It has a longer transmission range so you’ll be guaranteed it won’t cut out of signal where you are in the house! For $100 you really can’t go wrong. Purchase it here.

Baby Wash Cloth

If you don’t want to blow the budget but looking for an extremely useful and both thoughtful gift then these luxurious wash cloths are the best! As a mama you cannot ever have enough! You use them so much for everything. Wiping food, vomit, bathing bub. I recommend this brand because it is packaged both beautiful but yet they are so soft! You can find them here

Travel Pram

I wrote all about this travel pram over here but I just get so excited about going away to use it again and again! It is such a useful item for quick trips with its compact fold and lightweight the super affordable price is just a bonus! Check it out here

Play Mat

I always get asked about the play mat you see Elle on in my instagram stories! I love this playmat because the material is like a squishy soft foam that is waterproof too so you can easily wipe off any mess/spills/leakages. The one pictured on my Instagram is the ‘Bubba Mat’ it set us back $199. Super expensive in my eyes! If I had found this one first I probably would’ve gone for it not because it has a Fox Mat option but it is the same material and folds easily away! Looks super useful. It is also a quarter of the price at $79! If you do purchase this one here let me know how you find it?

Velcro Swaddle

These swaddles are amazing! Swaddling your baby for sleep is one of the oldest methods around. Swaddling a baby helps them sleep longer as it makes them feel secure and minimises their startle reflex from waking themselves up. Once your bub gets a little bigger they can easily escape blanket swaddles and these velcro ones keep them secured for much longer. They are also just simple to use. I used ours up until five months as once she was arms out I just velcro’d around the waist so she still felt secured.


This is an investment piece and I highly recommend to invest in one from your first child to use through the years! If you love sleep, this will assist in making your baby love sleep too as they will be sleeping in optimal position. You can read all about my review on the Cocoonababy here.

Reusable Food Preservation Bags

This one is for the earth but also incredibly useful as a mama. What are you going to store your babies snacks in? Heat their food up in? What about that fresh fruit you just cut up? Don’t purchase disposable plastic seal bags purchase these reusable ones that can last you years and can also be used in the microwave as well as the freezer! Find them here

Pregnancy & Mamahood Recipe eBook

I am all about food making life easier. Of course having access to over 100+ recipes full of goodness at the ease of your fingertips is half the ease behind an eBook. You have it where ever you go and if your craving treats then this book has you covered from treats to planning your week! Stay healthy! Find my recipe eBook here


I will continue to update this with frequently asked baby product questions and product links so if you want to know any items we use and where to get them just pop it in the questions below and I will get back to you!

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