Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. For the first time in a very long time I am truly excited. I think since having a baby it makes you see the world through their eyes all over again and how important it is to light up their world with joy and moments they can remember.

In my quest to commit to Christmas this year I went on the hunt for the best artificial Christmas tree I could find that wouldn’t blow the budget. I looked in budget stores and luxury stores to compare quality and price. Affordable pricing meant sacrificing quality and exceptional quality seemed to mean sacrificing more money. I knew I wanted a full looking tree, traditional green, tall and with subtle white snow edges.

I went on the search for the best artificial Christmas tree online instead!

I must say the important thing to ensuring you are getting a realistic Christmas tree is ensuring it is full and tall! Most cheap tree’s are not very tall and you need to be careful of that. You will notice all the display tree’s are placed up high to give you the illusion of height so just be weary of that.

The Christmas tree I purchased is 7ft so 2.1 metres high which is a lot higher than most bargain stores and has beautiful white frosted snow edges so it gives a beautiful effect with my theming of white, gold and silver.

It is a beautiful subtle white Christmas tree.

To be straight up I decided to buy a Christmas tree that was $100 and online so I didn’t have to cart a baby in store and walk out with a large box and pram. It took 5 days for it to arrive and was incredibly simple to put together!

Find My Christmas Tree Here

Then comes all the Christmas Tree Inspo. There are some amazing Christmas Ornaments out there and too be honest I find them such a personal touch. Ornaments should be acquired over time, passed on and purchased with meaning.

I bought filler ornaments just plain white and silver ones from Kmart that I fill from the inside of the tree out. This makes the tree even more full. Then I have other beautiful more luxurious ornaments from Bed Bath N Table and Myer. These were a little more expensive but I went when they had a discount on purchases.

A sleeping Fox ornament in honour of our late son Foxx.

I hope you love my simple Christmas tree style and if you check out the Christmas tree I purchased here for your own home I would love to see photo’s of how you style it to feature it in my blog here to show others as this will be a Christmas tree I have for the years to come.

Merry Christmas too! From my family to yours.



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