Better Bog

Better Bog

This recipe was inspired by a friend at work. We all love a good Bolognese that makes the heart with whole and the tummy feel full except their is never a high content of greens which are vital to the body and something you should be having every single day. It is when you create the Bolognese sauce from scratch you have the ability to get as creative as you like, and can pack in a lot of hidden veg!


Lean beef mince (500g)
Zucchini (2 – diced), red onion (1 – diced), carrot (3 – diced), red capsicum (1 – diced)  minced garlic, oregano, tomato puree (1 – can), beef stock, basil, coconut oil, vermicelli noodles.

Heat a large frypan to high and cook your lean beef mince through with coconut oil.
In a separate fry pan heat coconut oil and add onion, zucchini and carrot. Cook until soft and place in a blender (don’t blend). Using the same frypan add in red capsicum until soft then add to blender along with minced garlic, oregano, beef stock and tomato puree and blend. Pour over beef and simmer on low for 5 minutes.
In a separate pot boil water and add vermicelli noodles and cook through for 5 minutes until soft. Cut noodles 4 ways in the pan so they are easy to eat! Serve as pictured.

 This recipe makes lots! 4+ meals.










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