Gratitude for Life

Gratitude for Life

I think when you look back on last week, last month, the last year you realise exactly how quickly it goes. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, but in any moment you experience pain, heart ache, loss or dissatisfaction time in that moment stops. It stops for what feels like an eternity. It stops without the thought of ever thinking the clock will tick again the same way it once did.

I wanted to make this post out of gratitude. It is a word that is little used by many, and even less practiced by most. We can forget to be grateful for what we do have, when we are experiencing something less than great.

A few months ago is when I truly became grateful again. In my first post you will have read about my mid-life crisis at 22. It is where I saw a change within myself and felt lost but it is then that I also found myself. I made changes for the better. I made my mind a better place, my body a temple and the act of feeling gratitude more than just an occasion.

I am so grateful that this is my life! For all the bad, there is just so much good! 

For the bad you are going through, imagine what someone else is facing? sometimes it can make your problems seem so small, and sometimes it will help you to re-focus and just be grateful.

4 Things I am grateful for:

  • Love – I am grateful for the unconditional love I have in my life. From friends, family to the amazing supportive partner who has been everything to me over the last few years there isn’t a week that goes by that I am not grateful for you. IMG_3078.JPG
  • Frankie – Our little dog. I am so super grateful she came into our lives, I feel like this dog was just assigned for my personality type. She is the most kind, and loving little thing that makes me super excited to even just come home from grocery shopping to cuddle her again!IMG_3100.JPG
  • Moving – I am grateful I had the ability to move interstate! It is not something everyone will get the opportunity to do in their life time and I feel like it has truly brought out a different side to me. Life is what happens when your busy making other plans!IMG_3065.JPG
  • My Health – Although sometimes having an auto-immune disease feels like a set back in so many ways I am just so grateful that my disease is easily treated through diet, and complications are prevented as long as you follow that diet. I am grateful I can still walk, talk, and still eat. IMG_3101.JPG

There is actually so much I am grateful for, but I think I just wanted to remind you of the importance of actually thinking and visualising all that you are grateful for. I do this at least twice a week now, where I just take a moment to sit in silence with my thoughts and think of my favourite things I am thankful for this week.


Love x

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