Hearty Homemade KFC

Hearty Homemade KFC

It’s a favourite among many families but unfortunately for me I haven’t been able to eat or taste KFC for the last eight years of my life since I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. I wish sometimes I could just pop through the drive through and satisfy my cravings but I am also thankful that it has opened me up to a healthier style of eating – homemade goodness! My Favourite version of ‘Chicken Nuggets with Potato & Gravy’, I swear you’ll barely notice the difference!




Chicken Nuggest
Chicken breast (500gram – diced into ‘nuggets’ ), almond meal (1/2 cup), rice flour (1/2 cup), himalayan salt, pepper, eggs (2 – whisked).

Using a large bowl combine almond meal, rice flour, salt & pepper. In a seperate bowl using your whisked eggs dip your chicken breast in the egg mixture and then coat in your freshly made batter. Heat a pan to high lathered with extra virgin olive oil to shallow fry each side of the chicken until cooked ensuring you only turn once. Place on a plate with paper towels to soak out excess oil.

Potato Mash
White Potatoes (5– diced), nuttelex coconut butter ( 3 tablespoons), himalayan salt

Boil a pot with water and place in your white potatoes. Once tender, drain and mash with butter and salt.


Onion (1 – diced), chicken stock cube (1), water (3/4 cup), gluten free self-raising flour (2 tablespoons), himalayan salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil (dash).

Heat a pot with extra virgin olive oil and saute diced onion. Once slightly bronzed add in water, chicken stock cube, salt and pepper and dissolve your stock cube for 2 minutes before adding in your flour. Add more water if the flour is too clunky but ensure to mix well first.

I served with Brocolli, but you can serve as is or with your preferred vegetable sides! Enjoy x

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