Honey Chicken

Honey Chicken

As a coeliac the most common meal I cannot eat is CHINESE food! I miss it lots! It smells so damn good and looks like it tastes delicious but sadly I can’t risk my health for one meal. This lead me to creating my own chinese recipes at home that are both healthy, delicious and well down right my version of Chinese at home. This is a good meal to make with the left over chicken from the Sushi recipe here



Chicken breast (2 – sliced lengthways (diced them after they are cooked), honey (1/4 cup)
marinate: tamari sauce (1/2 cup), rice flour (1/2 cup), coconut sugar (1/4 cup)

Cabbage (1 head), beans (1 cup – diced), carrot (shredded), zucchini (1 – diced), spinach (handful), extra virgin olive oil

Mix your chicken marinate and marinate chicken slices for 10 minutes coating them.
Heat a pan to high with oil and place in marinated chicken cooking each side for 10 minutes.
Remove and place in a bowl to cool. After they have cooled dice the chicken.

In a separate pan add all vegetables with extra virgin olive oil tossing for 2-5 minutes until crisp. Serve, top with chicken and coat honey over the top of chicken.

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