How did he propose?

How did he propose?

I have been asked this question a thousand times, that I thought it was easier to show you the video, and tell you all about it.

He, my dear Teddy proposed to me on the 23rd of December, 2016.

Although, his proposal plans didn’t go to plan with his original intentions of taking me to Great Keppel Island as they had a big setup on the beach there along with a night stay afterwards he had to revert to a plan B quickly due to bad weather meaning we couldn’t actually get the boat over to the island.

Plan B, was just as good though. I think any way your true love decides to propose will always be amazing to you, it didn’t matter to me where or how.

Anyways, Teddy stilled suggested we go down to the beach – as we hadn’t been on a beach (without crocodiles) for months! my feet were dying to hit the sand, dig a hole and lay my big baby belly in it so I could experience laying on my front again.

He took me for a walk down the beach, and as we were coming back up to our spot there was a bottle in the sand, he asked me to pick it up pretending it had just washed ashore like he had no idea what it was. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like touching random things so I did not want to pick that damn bottle up! haha!

Until, I thought – perhaps it was an early christmas present from his mum to us? Teddy picked it up anyways, and I pulled the letter out in it. It started to read…


As Teddy dropped to his knee, and opened a beautiful timber box with his hands shaking and asked me for himself again, while saying how happy I make him and all of the words that are now a sheer blur because my memory is terrible while pregnant.

I do remember first saying, “I REALLY need to pee!” before finally saying YES! I will marry you! because this man makes ME so damn HAPPY!

Watch the video here that his mum secretly filmed:

[wpvideo beI314bx]

I will always remember this date. A baby boy in my tummy got to share this special moment and I love that.


The Ring; The oval brilliant cut diamond on a band of diamond rings is something Teddy always knew I liked. I had made it known over the years that when this day comes, I always wanted an oval cut diamond. Simplicity in it’s finest explains the style best, and I was lucky enough that my partner was able to find a designer in Brisbane to hand cut and bring together my dream ring all without my knowledge and direction! The wedding band, and eternity band will be a whole other design on their own! (Sorry Teddy 😛 ).


Anyways, from my family to yours. Aka: The Future Fitzgeralds.
I really hope you had a good christmas, new years and have an even better impending year ahead.

Much Love xx


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