Inside the Nappy Bag (10+ months)

Inside the Nappy Bag (10+ months)



Being a first time earth mama I can’t tell you enough how many times I am still trying to work out how to ‘nail’ this gig. I don’t think we can ever nail it. I mean our babies needs change as much as their growth. It happens quick and fast and quite frankly far before you are even ready.

I am going to share some of the essentials inside my nappy bag. I have written this to be for a 10+ month old because really the essentials do change as they age but there are some aspects within this post that I believe can save you money in the long run about getting your hands on the right brands from the beginning. I am a pretty brand loyal person when it comes to something I love I use it over and over again until it is pretty thrashed and then I might seek out something new to change it up!

This is a case of using something so much (aka my nappy bag) that I realise how important it is and how much the right bag and right things in it will make your life so much easier!



    This is something recently introduced to my life. I actually seen a lot of mums utilising this bag and putting it on their own wish lists but originally I didn’t love the look of it. I didn’t seek it. It wasn’t something I put a lot of thought into. I am a pretty easy going person that just throws in a couple things and likes to get out of the house quickly but throwing in things time after time, day after day in the nappy bag meant I began to sometimes forget things from having to do it each day. That is worrisome when you have a baby that does a poo and forgot to bring the wipes!

    If you’ve been following along since day dot you would see I have always been a baby backpack fan but over time the need for a bag with more compartments and larger in size has grown. The La TASCHE Urban Backpack is probably the greatest baby product thats made my life easier yet.

    It is large in size but yet so well laid out that I can grab everything EASILY! My god so easily that even my partner can happily find everything when asked! It straps onto the pram but even while strapped I can easily access my phone, wallet, keys, water bottle, food for Elle, wipes. It is great and if you are after a great gift for a mum to be then this is it!


    You can pretty much kiss goodbye to full size meal portions when you have to get somewhere quickly but usually it is often when you are starving and things aren’t going to plan (aka you don’t have time to sit down for a meal) that you wished you packed a lunch. I have started adding snacks into my nappy bag and they have saved me so much from binging on bad food on the go or just plain starving. Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism have been my favourite products that I came across in Woolworths on a I am starving but can’t eat naughty but need to fight craving’s kind of day and I now probably snack on them more than I should but I love that they align with being gluten free, delicious, easy to snack and healthy. They are a great nappy bag essential!


    My one and only favourite brand of wipes because I am a massive believer in prevention over treatment. You may as well prevent rashes by utilising the most purest and natural products from the beginning and that is what waterwipes do for your bub. 99.9% pure!


    In all honesty, I think nappies are a personal choice for a family on what brand they commit to and that is because nappies are not a ‘one size fits all’. Some nappies cannot handle heavy wetters, others can. Some nappies fit the leg width of slimmer babies better while others support chubby babies perfectly. Elle is quite a slim and petite baby and Babylove nappies work well in preventing leakage and fit her shape well. I always like to keep 5 nappies in our nappy bag so that I don’t have to remember to top up the nappy bag each time I leave the house.


    Having a Calico Bag in your nappy bag is such a dynamic product that can be utilised in more ways than one! We use the Seed & Sprout Calico Bags and they come in handy for storing a dirty nappy until we find a bin or even popping in groceries/produce when I find myself last minute walking through the grocery store. They are also handy as a ‘mini nappy bag’ to pull out of your main nappy bag when making a short trip just add in a nappy, wipes and a blanket and you are good to go.


    I use a really large blanket swaddle that we have had before Elle was born that I love for so many purposes! I am still breastfeeding so it is great for public feeds, a blanket if it gets chilly or even large enough to use as a rug if we catch ourselves at the park unexpectedly.

    These are just some of my larger, most consistent nappy bag essentials! I always carry water for me, water for elle, food pouches, biscuits for elle (they buy me time!), baby hat, baby sunscreen, nappy rash cream, brauers teething gel, little eyes, bow for elle, spare clothes and hair ties for me!

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