Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Limited Edition Collection

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Limited Edition Collection

I am a massive lover of all things lipstick, lip gloss anything that makes my lips go from bland to outstanddddd quick and easy is something I am always down for!

I’m not a makeup type girl that knows how to contour or even do my eyebrows properly half the time. I never have been. Unless someone introduces me to a product that makes it easy to look good simply of course!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with the KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION with includes some amazing Liquid Matte Lipsticks and Lip Light Glosses. I tried a few different colours like the Iconic Red and the Eiffel Tower Glitter but Pampelonne has to be my favourite which I am wearing here as it is a beauty rusty type red colour which goes perfect with this colder winter weather colour palettes.

I took some photos below to show you the beautiful colour and how the Lip Lights Gloss colour Pampelonne lights up when you open it up so that you can easily apply wherever you are.

If you do decide a colour that suits you then use the code MIKHAILLA35 to enjoy 35% off the whole KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION. Product won’t be available again!


Ps, how cute is Elle trying to steal my Lip Gloss!

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