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LINK & Luna

I reached out to Laura after finding a similar connection and relation to her spirit. She had recently experienced child loss, in which also birthed her business LINK & Luna. It was actually bizarre to read the words of another woman who faced a similar experience. It’s almost like everything she writes is exactly how I feel. I wanted to share her beautiful story, journey below but also her business. The Australian Business LINK & Luna is an amazing gift idea for the expectant mother or new mama if you are ever short of a unique gift.


For those who don’t know you, you have quite a story. The journey of life after the loss of a child is hard. How have you found your son to influence your life now? 
Oh he influences everything I do now. He completely changed my life. The experience of losing my baby has given me a completely different perspective on life. I have grown so much as a person and have created a completely improved version of my life, because of Link. I have let go of so much past hurt and shame and stress and am more relaxed, more trusting and more present. I hate that it took something so devastating for me to become my true authentic self, but it did and it’s been such a gift. Not just for me but for those around me too.
Can you tell me about how your business came to be born? 
From the loss of Link came the birth of my business. I named the business LINK & Luna after my Son, Linik (we call him Link for short) who was born on the super moon in Nov 2016, which is where the Luna comes into play. 
When I was pregnant with Link I had seen some Moses Baskets and thought I just really had to have one for him. At the time there were no Australian stockists so I had to search overseas. It sparked my interest as a business idea then, but I didn’t act on it until after Link was born. I guess when my husband went back to work, I was left at home to grieve on my own so I had all this time that I had never had before. Maternity leave without a baby can be pretty lonely. I thought “I literally have nothing left to lose” so I spent all our savings and bought a whole bunch of baskets. 
Why baskets? Did you always utilise them yourself? 
Before starting my business the only basket I had in the house was the laundry basket. Although, it’s plastic so not quite the same haha. As soon as I received my first order and started using the Market Baskets I was absolutely hooked. I couldn’t actually believe how versatile they were and how much I actually used it. Like everyday, for everything!!! 
Do you have a bigger plan in place for Link & Luna?  I would love to know where you see it in five years or hope to see it? 
Yes and no. I guess I swing between thinking long term and enjoying the present for what it is (something I would never be able to do prior to losing Link). I don’t have a plan as such, but I would love to see the business grow and scale up to a point where I dont have to use my house for storage lol. Maybe a few employees to help me with day to day tasks so that I can focus on the growth of the business. There’s some new products that i’ll be adding the online store soon and I just really hope to continue to spread my message and raise awareness about the things that are close to my heart. I would eventually love to do some more writing for my blog and one day write an autobiography. 
If you could give one piece of advice to the first time mum, what would it be? 
Surrender to the experience. Some things we just cannot control no matter how hard we try. Surrender to the experience and trust that the little spirit you bought earth side is on his/her perfect path.
Your currently pregnant with baby number two, congratulations! It’s so heart warming to see life be reborn after loss. How have you found your pregnancy with baby number 2? 
Thank you! Oh it’s sooooo different this time around. I think everyone expected me to feel more anxious and worried and fearful yet I felt all of those things last time and with the lessons that Link taught me, I feel so peaceful and so at ease. I was so incredibly hard on myself last time and put SO much pressure on myself to be perfect but this time, everything feels so effortless and easy. I feel better physically, less tired and so much happier. My marriage is stronger and we feel even more ready than we do before. 
What were you doing before your Link & Luna business was created? 
I was actually a travel agent in my past life. I absolutely loved that job. It was so cool to be apart of peoples dream holidays and helping them plan awesome itineraries for really special occasions. It was super stressful though. A lot of pressure and responsibility. I learnt a hell of a lot about myself, about people and lots of skills that have transferred over to my business. Like sales, customer service, marketing etc. It’s funny how it’s all come full circle.
What advice would you give to an expectant or new mum hoping to start a business or hobby? 
Back yourself. I had SO much self doubt to begin with (and still do at times) but I couldn’t not do it. I once heard this quote
“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” … Of course I want to succeed but for me it was more about wanting to finally own who I I truly am. Finally be vulnerable. Finally be authentic. Finally live the life I had always imagined for myself. It is scary AF (and still is) but if you can’t sleep at night because it’s all you can think about, DO IT. If you ignore that gut feeling, the idea or opportunity just gets sucked back into the universe for someone else to pick up and act upon. Why can’t that person be YOU!

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