Make Christmas Cash!

Make Christmas Cash!

I bet you had told yourself earlier this year that you would start Christmas shopping in October to avoid the last minute rush. You would slowly collect presents over a few months to avoid spending a lot of money within the same month of planned work leave, getaways and additional social events.

If you are like me here you are once again behind on trying to plan ahead for Christmas.

I came across a super simple cash injection method to boost your spendings this Christmas season! In less than one minute you can make $20.00 and in less than 5 friends doing the same you can make $100.00.

I follow a few budget lifestyle pages that are all about saving and making money where you can.

This is where my recommendation actually stems from. You see, as someone who worked in Marketing I get it. A business is in a growth phase and they need to grow their audience. This company is offering incentive ($20 cash to be exact) for you when you join and deposit $5 which only needs to be a one time deposit too. You can then cash that out two days later and you have made $20 from your $5.

For every friend you get to do the same you will then make $20. Your partner, family members, friends they are your quickest chance at making some extra Christmas cash! Even if only $20 or $100 you have made money you otherwise weren’t going to have access too before in less than three clicks!

The business offers this incentive because once you have joined some of those people may be actually interested in the companies offering which is investing in the stock market so some of you may choose to not cash out your profits to your bank account and instead reinvest into companies like Google, Facebook and make even more money by watching the stock market. It is actually the easiest app to use to invest in the stock market too if you are a rookie like me!

From mama to mama let’s help each other make quick cash!

If making quick cash interests you as much as me then deposit $5 and we will both get $20 each when you follow the link here together we will only make money through passing on our unique links. This is not a pyramid scheme and I will not profit from your sign ups. This is me just simply sharing with you what another mama shared with me from her personal budgeting page on making extra cash.




This post is in no way sponsored by Voyager or companies alike. Everything stated in the blog above discloses my personal opinion and investments in the app for the sake of taking advantage of this simple opportunity. 

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