No Alcohol

No Alcohol

I feel like this is a question women who chose to not drink/no longer drink alcohol get asked a lot. ‘Why don’t you drink?’, ‘but how do you have fun?’

The truth is, before I was even pregnant with Foxx I remember clearly having my last alcoholic beverage in early June 2017. I had a glass and this same pain returned. It was a pain so deep like my stomach was screaming ‘please don’t!’ Sounds a little dramatic right?

I had never taken to alcohol very well with hangover’s that would leave me bed ridden and my body so incredibly unhappy. So when my body began to become pained when I would even drink one glass I knew something had to change. It felt like my body was having an allergic reaction? I literally felt like I was becoming intolerant to alcohol. I had two more events in the next few weeks I promised to myself I wouldn’t drink. No drink was worth the pain my stomach would feel. I quit!

I went out two weeks later, ordered water with a slice of lemon and had the best night of my life. I danced, I went home at 1am and I woke up feeling great and feeling like I had a long weekend. I did the same for another event a week later and my commitment began! Then I found out I was pregnant and obviously didn’t drink.

When you have your baby everyone says ‘oh, you must be excited to have a drink again!’ but I wasn’t. We went to a lunch and I ordered a glass of wine, I drank two sips and left the rest. I didn’t want it. My body didn’t like it.

I don’t actually drink soft drink or anything other than water and add lemon to it as a treat. Otherwise I make smoothies, or juice fruit and thats my kind of happy! Soft drink is also something that doesn’t sit well with me so the fact that I still don’t drink alcohol doesn’t bother me. I even tried non-alcoholic wine to comprise but nope! couldn’t finish even half a glass!

In my situation, battling with life after loss I am actually happy I don’t drink as I feel it could take me to a dark place very quickly otherwise.

Since birth, I have been to events, races, my sisters hens, birthdays, all kind of situations where people are pressured to drink and I am proud that I’ve let no one influence me. I have no problem with telling people why I don’t drink. I don’t judge people who do, so I feel like I shouldn’t be judged either.


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