Simply Sushi

Simply Sushi

It is one of my favourite dishes too! I always find it challenging to eat sushi out because:
a. I’m either pregnant and can’t or
b. They’ve smothered it in soy sauce that isn’t gluten free! (coeliac life)
c. Darwin has no bloody nice sushi either!

So I feel like I have come to master the homemade sushi and quite frankly, I love it!


Chicken breast (2 – sliced lengthways), Avocado (2 – sliced), Sushi rice (2 cups), sushi vinegar (2 tbsp), vegetable oil (1/4 cup), seaweed wraps.
marinate: tamari sauce (1/2 cup), rice flour (1/2 cup), coconut sugar (1/4 cup)

Mix your chicken marinate and marinate chicken slices for 10 minutes coating them.
Heat a pan to high with oil and place in marinated chicken cooking each side for 10 minutes.
Remove and place in a bowl to cool.

In a separate pot, or pressure cooker following the instructions on your sushi rice packet. Once cooked place in a bowl to coat and add in vinegar.

To serve, lay shiny side face down, press rice along top and add chicken slices and avocado slices, wrap and seal with water, slice and serve with tamari sauce.

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