Sweet & Sour Prawns

Sweet & Sour Prawns

Why do I cook? well, at the end of the day we have to do it for the rest of our lives! so I love to cook, learn about different flavours that work together and basically just make simple food that tastes damn amazing! if it looks good too then that is just a bonus! This meal got a big thumbs up so I am excited to share!


Prawns (500g), vermicelli noodles, brocolli (1 head-diced), bok choy (1-sliced), beans (1 cup – sliced), zuchinni (1- diced), garlic powder, coconut oil butter (4 tbsp)

The sauce: coconut sugar (1/4 cup), vinegar (1/2 cup), tomato paste (1 tbsp), water (1 cup), rice flour (2 tbsp), pineapple juice (1/4 cup)

Heat a pan to high with coconut oil butter. Add in prawns and garlic powder and saute on low heat.
Prepare your sauce and add to prawns and continue to saute on low.

Boil a pot with water and add in vermicelli noodles. Cook for 5 minutes, drain and sliced 4 ways.

In a large pan, heat to high and add in all vegetables, dash of oil and garlic powder.
Stir in noodles.

Serve with noodle vegetables, prawns and sauce on top!

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