The Best Toddler Camera

The Best Toddler Camera

I thought once I found the perfect baby monitor that I would never have to consider another and it was along the way of preparing for our next addition to the family that I began to look for another as I wasn’t ready to let go of watching our daughter all together.

I don’t know when I will be ready to ever completely switch off the bedroom monitoring so I knew another camera was the right move and I wanted one with a little more features and safe enough to have in the room with a roaming toddler (e.g. one I could put high enough to be out of her reach and still see the whole room).

I spy with my little eye the hidden baby camera!
Can you see it?

The reasons why I love this camera are actually endless!

  • The picture is SO clear!
    I can see my daughters chest rise and fall, the toys she is snuggling and even if she pulls off her top! (she sometimes does this haha!)
  • The sound is clear and consistent
    I love that the sound focuses on her! We have a sound machine but this is just mere background noise in comparison to when it focuses on crying or chatting away. I hear every word and even if my husband is in there chatting with her then I get to feel like a weird stalker mama listening to every word.
  • The playback videos
    The camera captures snippets every hour so you can look back on these in the morning and see the many different positions they slept in and what they did during the night (e.g. if they coughed a lot then you are aware in advance that they might be getting unwell).
  • View from anywhere
    This is probably one of my favourite features – It doesn’t matter who is looking after our daughter I can always keep an eye on her at sleep time and ensure that she is put down to sleep when she is meant to be! haha!  I can even assist if they need help and I can’t be there just by watching her and seeing the issue!
    My husband also has the same app on his phone so he want view her while at work too! We love this feature!
  • Noise Notifications
    The main difference between having a handheld monitor and utilising a lollipop camera is that it doesn’t come with a handheld monitor to check on your little one. You are required to do this via the app on your phone. I was at first very unsure of this feature. I felt like I used to check our daughter constantly with the handheld monitor and that I would be annoyed about open the app on my phone time and time again but it is probably one of my favourite features now. A little notification pops up on my phone if there is a change of noise in her room and I can tap the notification and see straight away whether she needs my assistance or not.






























The camera does have extra’s you can purchase to monitor room temperature as this is the only different feature this camera doesn’t have compared to other ones I have found but it hasn’t bothered us at all. She is quite vocal if it is too hot or too cold. I will however be purchasing this additional sensor to keep in the same room that monitors our newborn. You can check out the sensor by clicking here. 

I am yet to utilise this with a newborn but have decided I will be getting another for the new bub just purely based around the ability to playback video, the clear picture in both day and night view and because I will have the sensor to monitor temperature!

This really is my favourite camera! I highly recommend!



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