The parenting motto of mama’s

The parenting motto of mama’s

It will come to you, parenting that is. How you do it I mean. It will all just come to you if you let it.

As a first time earthside mama I have found myself more relaxed than I ever imagined.
I am definitely anxious about things but I choose not to focus on them and therefore would never post about the things that worry my mind (A good reminder that sometimes we all choose to focus on the highlight reel) but in light of this I wanted to share my parenting motto for the first time earthside mama.

A group of mama’s from my due date group have also shared their number one motto or advice they would go back and tell themselves if they could to survive the newborn weeks.

From me to you…

Don’t question everything, just go with it. If you don’t laugh, you will certainly cry!

From mama’s who have been there and done that…

Whatever works for you do it! Breastfeeding will hurt at first but it does get better – Emili J

Decide how you want to parent your child and stand firm! Don’t forget to ask for help – Karina D

The nights are long but the weeks are short so cherish every moment to remember it – Lauren C

Don’t stress about the small things – Liz T

Just do you, what works for someone else may not for you so don’t get fixated on trying to get it to work or you’ll start to miss the pure beauty of the newborn days – Monika T

I couldn’t work out why it felt so hard but when they start smiling it all makes sense. You give so much in the first few weeks and get nothing back but soon enough you will! – Peta B

Hold the baby to hold the baby. Saviour those moments of your baby needing you, because you will truly miss it one day – Taniele R

This too shall pass – Rebecca J

It does get easier, they will look into your eyes and smile soon and melt your heart all over again – Cynthia R

Whatever ur expectations about motherhood are, let them go. Try to go with the flow and enjoy moments instead of holding onto an idea about how it’s supposed to be – Nay W

You WILL heal. Don’t expect a six week bounce back, it takes considerably longer than that – Rachel R

No two days are the same, go with the flow, have no expectations and you won’t be disappointed – Sarah J

Get out of the house every day, even just a walk to the park. I noticed the days I didn’t leave the house and everything got to me a lot more. Even now I still find I’m much happier if we leave the house even for 5 minutes – Amber J

Trust your gut. It’s your baby and your instincts are there for a reason – Rachel S




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