The Ultimate Simple Skincare Routine!

The Ultimate Simple Skincare Routine!

Skincare is something I have never passionately favoured, I mean I would forget to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise the face. These skincare routines were often expensive too. If you wanted the results (according to Marketing) you had to spend the big dollar bills and use the product four hundred times a day (just kidding).

I am just about anything that makes like simple, easy and naturally fits into the routine. Just like Biologi Skincare Products have fit into everyday. Honestly, I haven’t felt like I have had to ‘fit’ them into my daily routine because once I used them I realised there is no product actually like them. The feeling it left on my face was addictive! I couldn’t wait to utilise it again and again! It is actually weird that I enjoy that part of my day now.

What Makes Biologi Different?

This is now my favourite question to answer because there is actually NO other product like Biologi. They are the ONLY 100% Active Plant Serum in the world. The product is natural, organic and deprived from plants which means no two products ever have the exact same colour as their plants/fruits are hand picked and sourced locally in cultures around Australia meaning at times can be quite hard to source but they are passionate about delivering quality over quantity! You have a product that 100% work! 100% delivers. It isn’t substituted with anything synthetic just to keep up with demand and that is why I love them!

There are also no additives, fragrances, or even water, just plant extracts pure enough to drink.

Biologi replaces your moisturiser, night cream, day cream, eye cream, simplifying your skincare routine to simply – cleanse, exfoliate, Biologi.

I genuinely LOVE Biologi! I wouldn’t use anything else and thats probably why I love it too is because you DON’T NEED anything else!

What products do I suggest starting with and how do you start?

This does depend on your exact skin type as my skin is quite low in oil and I don’t experience break outs often so I do recommend messaging their website chat or instagram page to talk exactly about your skin type but if you don’t know where to start then start with:

This product will give you more than you bargained for. All their products are really high potency in VITAMIN C which means it is amazing for healing! The BF Serum is the perfect starting point for skin you aren’t 100% sure about and at the same time this serum can be used on your body for your skin like preventing or healing stretch marks. Get a discount with MIKHAILLA15 and find the product here

I also recommend when you start to apply it once every two days and after a fortnight then increase to once a day and then a week later twice a day. This is because you need your skin to get used to the product and the purity of it. Your skin will have never experienced anything quite like it before being so natural and pure.*

*You may also experience a breakout within your first month but keep persisting and just continue with every second day during this time. Your skin will adjust and you’ll be so glad you switched!

I love love these! Once you have gotten used to the Body Serum, I highly recommend adding the day and night BqK serums as your main go-to face product and then just utilising the BF (body serum) for the body. These radiance serums were only released about 2 months ago and prior to that I was using the eye serum and face serum luminosity but since switched to this little pack and LOVE!  You can get a discount with MIKHAILLA15 and find the product here.  Don’t be worried about the size of these ones either – although 15ml doesn’t seem like a lot I am only a quarter of the way through in 2 months because the liquid is so pure and one pump is all you need plus you alternate between ‘day and night’.

Happy to answer any other questions on the products too!

My discount code to BIOLOGI range is MIKHAILLA15.


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