Transitioning Elle – Cocoonababy

Transitioning Elle – Cocoonababy

Ever since Elle was born we have used a Cocoonababy in her cot, bassinet, on the lounge, on holidays. It has slept her safely and comfortably.


If you have never heard of one before it is kind of like a co-sleeper bed.
It keeps your baby positioned safely in a slightly upright angle which is great for reflux. It also gently hugs them in a cocoon position similar to how they were in the womb. It makes the ‘fourth trimester’ of a babies life and your new introduction to parenthood a lot easier.

We figured this out because some nights I would use it and other nights we wouldn’t. I worked out on the nights we would use it she would sleep 5-6 hours. Which is great in newborn baby land. The nights we didn’t I was getting 2-3 hour blocks. I soon figured out this wasn’t just one of those ‘babies change frequently things’ but in fact that she could sleep longer in the cocoonababy because of the elements of the cocoon. It hugged her in the right places and it held her slightly upright to prevent any reflux/indigestion that often happens as a newborn or a baby in general digesting her milk. Their digestive trachs are so relaxed when they sleep and can often just bring up milk. It is when it comes up that it will wake them. So the Cocoon assisted in keeping it down!

It is recommended to use a cocoonababy until 4-5 months of age or until baby can roll.
Elle was born at 6.2 pounds (2.8kg) and hasn’t been a massive gainer so I knew I would get good use out of the Cocoon. She is 6 months in a week and this week I transitioned her out of it.

I first started with day sleeps around 2 weeks ago. Her short ones. Her long lunch time nap I kept her in it. Once she got the short sleeps down pact then I moved her out of it for her long lunch nap. After 2 weeks I thought I had it down pact and while in the heat of a bad few nights I thought – is this life trying to tell me to just transition her now while we are already having a bad night? Does she maybe now hate it?

Either way I decided she truly was getting too big for it now and too big means a little unsafe! She can’t be in it forever after all. So I went in and committed one night to transition.

I can honestly say that was the worst night of my mum life with sleep haha! So much so that I gave up at 11.00pm and instead of giving in to the cocoon I just snuggled her in my bed the rest of the night so that she would get used to being flat.

How we Transitioned

Being a paranoid mum there was no blanket, no comforter, absolutely nothing. Just a blank cot and her. She woke every 10 minutes because that was when I would lay her down flat. Then bam, she would be awake, look around not feel comfort and wake right up. We repeated again and again from 830-11pm (She goes to bed at 7pm but 830/9pm is when I dreamfeed her and couldn’t put her back down after that!)

After that terrible night sleep I didn’t want to do it again but I knew I just had to persist. I spoke to other mums and realised that perhaps I needed it to feel more like a comfortable place for her too. I put a blanket in as a cot sheet that I knew smelt like us, put a blanket to tightly wrap over her and comforter toy that smelt like us (to remove before we go to sleep). I had much better success this night. We made it to 3am before I pulled her into bed because she wouldn’t resettle in the cot again which is unlike her but I understand the change was what was causing this.

The third night I decided to keep the above approach but also swaddle both arms in. Success! It was what worked. As she isn’t fully happy to roll onto her tummy I knew I could do this so am currently back to keeping her arms in for sleeps. I will put one arm in and the other out for some sleeps for a while and in another month or so move her back to both arms out but I figured this just works for now and we seem to have successfully transitioned out of the Cocoon!

Would I use it for our next baby?

I asked myself after night one of the transition and terrible sleep whether it was worth it. It was though. I would use it for our next baby. It gave us 5 and a half months of the best sleep we could possibly get with a newborn/infant. I don’t regret it. I loved that it kept her in the one spot and snug. I loved that I could have it on the couch next to us when she was a little babe. I loved that we could bring it on holidays when we went away and was too small to sleep in a portacot she could happily sleep in the cocoonababy.


Like anything you introduce to a baby to have day in and day out you will have to transition them from it whether that is a dummy, the breast, bottles, a comforter or a cocoonababy. We all have to face a transition phase. The benefits far outweighed the downside of the transition phase here. Three days and we were in the clear!

Highly recommend the Cocoonababy as a new parent must have.

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