Welcome to our home…

Welcome to our home…

Home is always where the heart is…

That is why I love turning our house into a beautiful home space that we enjoy being in everyday filled with sentimental items that reflect our journey as one together.  In 2015, my partner bought our house in Brisbane after working two years of fly in and fly out work while I studied a bachelor of business marketing at university and we resided at my parents house for the time being.

When it was first purchased we had a big empty home! We went out an bought packages and quickly filled the house. A few months later we decided to move to Darwin for another work opportunity and left our home partly furnished and rented to friends. Upon return we decided to recreate it into a space that reflected us now. Most pieces have been acquired over time and bought from multiple different stores in which I will link. I often get asked where certain items are from so I hope this answers your questions.

The Entry

The beautiful set of draws I purchased for less than $50 off gumtree. I then asked my friend Harmony’s mum who is eager to recreate what you wish if she could create a black white stencil pattern on them. She sanded, painted and hand stencilled to create the beautiful draws you see here as our main entry piece. The artwork is by John Martono and purchased from The Block Shop.

The Lounge Room

Our lounge room is a space we spend a lot of time in, after the entry way you walk straight through to our beautiful big open plan living room. The heart of the home. I love captivating art, images of our life and the practical elements of side tablets, throws, pillows, a space for remotes, candles, flowers, a big rug. It needs to have everything we would use.

Our rug is absolutely amazing. A new edition to our home The Cibola Transitional White Silver Designer Rug from Rugs of Beauty in the size 330cm x 240cm. It is large and the perfect weight under your feet as not to move on the floor and comfortable enough to lay on as we often do with Elle.

The coffee table and one of the side tables we purchased for a steal from Fantastic Furniture the Monaco Coffee Table. It is the perfect height and fantastic quality. We also have a lower coffee table which was initally our main coffee table but it wasn’t practical for us as it is quite low and leaves a mark if you place cold drinks on it. It is also made out of a type of metal so I found myself bumping into the edges at times. I found it wouldn’t be safe for Elle at the moment but it does perfectly great to the side of one of our lounges. It is The Reference Coffee Table from Clickon Furniture 

Reference Coffee Table from Clickon Furniture

The Walls

One of my favourite editions to our home is the John Martono Golden Journey Canvas Art. I purchased it from The Block Shop. I won’t link it here though as the artwork I originally purchased from them came as a glass framed print. I was extremely disappointed as it wasnt what was I thought I was purchasing. Their descriptions were incredibly wrong and it took over 5 months for them to send out the correct piece. It wasn’t the block shops fault but the direct retailer Tusk Gallery. None the less, once I received the correct replacement after months I was absolutely stoked. It is everything I ever wanted in a piece of art. Extremely captivating, it tells a story, it takes you on a journey and however you look at it is a reflection of yourself. Beautiful!

This beautiful wall shelf is purchased from Ikea. We bought two of the longer shelves as we have quite a large long wall behind our lounge. My partner screwed the shelves in side by side to make such a long shelf. I also purchased the frames from Ikea as a multi set. I printed our photographs at Officeworks, created the ‘be still… my heart’ print on Canva and printed at home. While our large frame features the beautiful ‘Gratitude’ Print from my friends business Finding Harmony Designs.  You might not notice it, but I always will. There is a beautiful mandala hanging to the far left of our wall shelf. It was purchased from my friend Hana after we lost Foxx. It was to bring bless us with fertility, love, strength and peace after our incredibly heartbreaking journey. When we received it, I placed it above our bed to truly feel like it would bless me every night with the strength I needed. When I fell pregnant, I moved it too my side table feeling like it had done as it needed. It now sits in our lounge room in the hopes of always bringing that strength to all of us when they enter our home. It will always be special to me. The exact one she purchased doesn’t seem to be available anymore but I have linked a similar one from Mama Goddess here where Hana purchased it from.

In a perfect house photograph I probably would have hidden the toys, playmat and anything colourful that is out of place. However, it isn’t realistic. A home with a child will have toys, playmats and anything else neccessary to entertain your little one! To be honest, that was something myself and my partner both couldn’t wait for. To colour our home and fill it with children’s toys. It will only be for a short while after all. Forget the colour coordinated house play mats and think of what your child may enjoy. Elle loves her Bubba Mat from Baby Bunting and we do too! It is the perfect home workout mat for me too and we often find ourselves laying between the rug and playmat all together!

Our tv unit is something else I often am asked about. It is the Dwell Scandinavian Tv Entertainment Unit from Interior Secrets. I love it! You can extend it like we have or push it to be smaller to fit whatever space you need. Most of the styling pieces are from Adairs. The cross is handmade and purchased from a beautiful little instagram store which isn’t coming to my mind right now!

Our Bedroom

I like to keep everything simple, practical and minimalistic. I love our bedroom. We are lucky to have such a big spacious bedroom which holds our beautiful king size bed from Forty Winks and our two bedside tables are the Sausalito Bedside Table from Pottery Barn (currently on sale too!) are extra large in size to hold all the decor items we love without feeling cluttered. I absolutely love walking into our room to see our favourite family photos and you might not have noticed the feather garland hanging from the side of our curtain rail but this also is a sentimental piece. It was one of my favourite items that once made Foxx’s room feel ready for him to be in this world. I remember ever so clearly placing it as the last item that completed his bedroom instead now it completes ours and reminds me of him.

Elle’s Room

I just love Elle’s bedroom. I started it with no plan but kept seeing people have flowers in their nurseries. I love flowers, purple and always thought of Elle as our ‘Little Flower’. I didn’t want to pay $200 for flowers that I knew I could make with a bit of a time, a youtube tutorial and hold sentimental value for a lifetime. Our rocking chair was on special at Aldi special buys for $199.

Our cot is the stunning Kaylula Sova Cot Clear from a partnership with Babyhood Australia. We have definitely loved it so far! You can convert it from a bassinet to a cot and to table and chairs. We made it straight into a cot as we had a co sleeper bassinet in our room instead when she was little and then I had her in a cocoonababy nest inside the cot for a while in our room which you would have seen her in a lot of the time. You can read more about it here.

I originally planned to keep Elle in our room until 12 months but she is a little over 6 months and being super alert we were often waking her during the night. We moved her to her room and she has been sleeping great so even though I was not 100% ready I could see that she was and I figured parenthood will sometimes be about letting go and following their cues.

The wall shelf in Elle’s room is purchased from Ikea. It is filled with special little elements from gifts, crystals, a poem picture I had in my room as a little girl, fairy lights and a mobile with pom poms I made to add to them. It also has a little owl that was in Foxx’s hospital box.

The frame below has our daughters name ‘Elle Fitzgerald’ and reads a prayer in german (my heritage) that my oma used to say with me each night before sleep whenever myself and my sister slept at their house. I remember those days so vividly and I want to continue similar little traditions with Elle that she will remember too. My friend Harmony from Finding Harmony Designs custom made this.

The change table draws were purchased from Toys R Us back for Foxx’s room in 2017 in Darwin. I don’t believe they are available anymore. We also have a my baby sound machine in Elle’s room due to our home being close to others and a few neighbourhood dogs I find it helps to block out those uncertain elements as to not disturb her sleep too much. I have a riff raff clover the bunny too which I place in her cot with her and turn on for her to go to sleep with. I usually take it away before I go to bed and we also bring it with us if she is due to sleep when we are out and about. You can get free shipping by following the link here when you purchase one. I have a blog on more of my best baby buys too.

For Foxx

We have a space for items of Foxx’s just before you enter our bedroom. We see it everyday.
The album is filled with photographs from my pregnancy, birth and our first three days of life with Foxx. The candle is an item from the hospital. The Foxx is Heiko which was originally from Pip & Lenny but is no longer available. The artwork was created for us and given to me from a beautiful friend Angel Riley. The teddy bear box holds his Ashes. The keepsake box has items of his, his birth certificate, memories and a smell so distinct that anytime I open it I cry. It smells exactly like him in there. Exactly. The newborn smell is forever trapped in that box. Nothing can bring me more emotion than when I open that box.

The Guest Room

There is nothing special about this room maybe just the fact that the mattress is super comfortable! It is again just a simple white room, available for guests and will probably be our next child’s bedroom when the time comes!


That is just a little bit of our home…




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