World’s Quickest Risotto

World’s Quickest Risotto

Literally, World’s quickest risotto ever! By Friday I start to get low on ingredients, idea’s and freak the F out thinking what am I going to eat? Normally Nando’s is a great supplement but I try to not eat out unless we really have to. I had shredded chicken that I boiled a few days before left over so I knew I could do something!


Chicken breast (1– boiled and shredded), Capsicum (1 – diced), Carrot (1 – sliced), Broccoli (1 head), Instant brown rice packet, coconut milk (1/2 cup), cinnamon (2 tsp).

Heat a pan to high, add in your pre-cooked shredded chicken and vegetables and toss for 5 minutes. Add in remaining ingredients and serve!


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