A spontaneous planned c-section

A spontaneous planned c-section

Planning for another elective c-section was not a question for us. If you read about our magical caesarean birth with our daughter Elle then you would know we had another elective c-section on the schedule for our gender surprise baby.

We figured, our first c-section birth everything went right so why would we try and change things up?

Our baby was due on Australia Day 2020! The 26/1/2020 and we had selected a scheduled c-section for the 14th of January at 38 weeks gestation. Both my first two were born within week 38 so we were comfortable with this scheduled timeline. The obstrecian we had utilised for Elle was Ben Kroon from Eve Health and we hoped to have him as our obstrecian again but early in our pregnancy were informed that he would be in Japan from week 37 of our pregnancy onwards meaning we couldn’t rely on him for delivery.

This was quite unsettling for us but we did find confidence in booking with Tal Jacobson instead. Our baby had other plans and at week 36 within half an hour of returning from 10 days away over the Christmas and New Year period I laid down on the couch to which my waters spontaneously broke! I was in shock! An immense amount of gushing confirmed it was my waters and we headed to hospital!

My obstrecian Tal Jacobson was actually trekking in Nepal at the time and Ben Kroon was on call! Which was just incredible. He made the decision to deliver our baby within 3 hours of my waters breaking. To say the least; it was different from having a set date for a planned c-section to then facing it TODAY! with not a moment to prepare other than knowing it was going to be this way all along. I can tell you this… second time around… was still just as MAGICAL! Spontaneous and all!

You see, even though it was planned the birth of a c-section still entails its own story.

Like the fact that it was a little bit slower this time, it took over an hour for him to be born and me stitched back up because they had to go slower working their way through scar tissue this time. I didn’t know to expect that but it is common in a second c-section. Then there was the moment our son actually birthed himself through the window to this earth that the doctor had created. His head gently popping through as they guided him out there was no need of assistance from the nurse to ‘push’ him out. That is said to be something very rare and is actually magical.

Then there was the moment we found out the gender. It was a BOY!

That is apart of the story I will never forget, looking over at the time on the clock 6.22pm the same time our first son Foxx was born is now the same time our second son Cruz is born. The recovery process was a little different with my body shaking profusely from the morphine and in all honesty I think just the shock of having my waters burst suddenly just hours ago at 36 weeks pregnant, to now holding our child, holding our SON! I couldn’t believe it.

Recovery has been incredible. I stayed on the drugs a little longer until I realised they weren’t doing me a world of good anymore and actually causing me bad night sweats and terrors. Once I got off them I began moving more, being more awake and feeling myself recover appropriately. My scar which I just looked at for the first time yesterday is almost invisible! Now that is incredible!

Even a planned c-section that spontaneously occurs earlier than the plan can be magical! Just don’t be like me and assume your scheduled date is going to be your actual delivery date and PACK YOUR HOSPITAL BAG SOONER!

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