City Mini GT2 Double Pram Review

City Mini GT2 Double Pram Review

Is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Pram for you? I have been trialing and testing this side by side double pram with two under two. I know that shopping for a pram can be a daunting experience but shopping for a single pram is now what I know far easier than it is to think about what is ‘essential’ in a double pram.

The dynamic completely changes with two kids. Your individual circumstances will contribute to deciding what the right pram is for your family so I am going to describe who this pram ultimately suits based on how I have been utilising it with my two month old and now two year old.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Up Close

The Features of Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Pram

  • It is compact – for a double pram it is one compact little thing that folds up easier than most single prams. I say compact because it folds flat giving you the ability to store groceries, suitcases and whatever other necessities you need to fit in your boot stacked on top.
  • Utilise from birth – you can use this pram as is from birth and beyond. It has a completely lay flat recline with an extendable hood and peep holes so you can still keep an eye on your precious cargo even without them parent facing.
  • Slim width – I think I am most impressed that for a double it isn’t as wide as I thought. You will still fit through doorways and isles as the width is perfectly designed to allow for this. It however doesn’t fit through my single front door so is needed to be collapsed to bring inside for where I store prams in between use under our stairs!
  • Storage – This is a major thing for most mums and as your brood grows from 1 to 2 you begin to realise even more so how important storage is to ensure you have free hands. The City Mini GT2 Double has incredible storage down the bottom but you can also access from the front! Below the footrests you can pull this out to access under pram storage – now that is versatile!
  • Weight distribution – as a side by side pram you won’t have to worry about turning corners with two as the weight distribution is equal to keep it nice and stable. Something I wouldn’t have even considered when looking at a double pram without physically trialing it with two babies on board! What I am saying here is you will find this pram smooth and easy to navigate even off smooth surfaces.
  • Pricing – I am well aware that prams are priced from $600-$3000. You can spend a fortune and have it all, or spend little and wish you had invested a bit more but as a pram that is retailing around $1200 AUD I think this is a great median price and you won’t feel like you are missing out from not spending more. It is a great investment and will still have great resell value as the brand is quite favourable by most parents and wears really well!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 In Use

This is the perfect pram for the on the go mama just looking to get up and get out of the house!

I think when you become a mother of more than one child you have less time to fiddle with features of a high investment pram. You want to know you can clean it quickly, pop it in the car with ease for quick trips, adventure and take for travel then this pram is the kind of pram you have been searching for!

If you have a toddler who has decided the pram isn’t a place for them anymore than a side by side might not be the best selection for you because the side option isn’t detachable. You may be better off considering the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which isn’t a double and option for a removable Glider Board 2 where a toddler can sit or stand on if they tire whilst also giving you the option to completely remove.  I think is important to consider this aspect as you may have days where you just have one child and don’t need the double pram in tow but still want to utilise a pram.

All in all, we are loving utilising the pram and it is an impressive little thing that is equally great in size, compact and has amazing storage! Now why do I feel like my daughter is getting sassier as the year’s go by? Baby Jogger the babies are ready to go!





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