Baby Puree Recipes

Baby Puree Recipes

If it is time to start your baby on puree or you have been feeding them homemade baby recipes for a few weeks you may begin to hit a point when you start running out of idea’s. You have been feeding them the same thing over and over again and you wan’t to add variety without making your life difficult at the same time.

Your hungry little monster quickly develops a habit for wanting to be fed food at the same time everyday leaving you less time to get creative and make food at the sign of hunger. Baby puree recipes are becoming less of the norm now since the introduction and interest of baby led weaning.

I know before Elle was born I had read a bit about baby led weaning and heard great reviews. I thought that would be our path but the truth is both me and Elle weren’t ready for it and we chose to do homemade baby puree recipes from 6 months. You might be wondering if your baby is ready for food but I found following my daughters cues and gradually introducing tastes of different foods around 5 months worked well for us.

These are my top favourite baby puree recipes from 6 months

  • Overnight oats – oats, blueberries, cinnamon + almond milk.
  • Banana, blueberries + Date Paste
    (to make date paste: soak 1/2 cup dates in 1 cup warm water for 4 hours then puree)
  • Pumpkin, pear + apple
  • Avocado + banana
  • Banana, beetroot, blueberries + water
  • Brown rice, sweet potato + zuchinni
  • White potato, spinach + banana
  • Quinoa, zucchini + pear

I am all about making your life easier and that is why I created this free download for you to save into your phones books or print and pop on the fridge so when you need some baby puree ideas you will have them! You can access it at the bottom of this post.

There is so many incredible benefits to making your own baby puree recipes at home.

Homemade baby food means you know exactly what is in it and ultimately saves you money but there are so many other incredible benefits to homemade baby recipes for your bub.

Having the right equipment to prepare you for feeding and storing your pureed baby food is incredibly important to make preparing the baby puree recipes simple!  These pots are really good for making mix and match mixtures. I often like to puree ingredients separately and store so each day I can mix and match different puree foods to feed Elle. I do feel creating meals this way has made her to be a non-fussy eater as she never knows what she is going to get. You can get them here

If you are getting started with foods I think it is a great idea to have a few spoons on hand too. We have a fair few different spoons but I like these ones the most. I have found spoons to be a great tool to introducing solids. I found giving one spoon to Elle while I feed her has reduced her tongue thrust reflex so that she wouldn’t gag while she has also been teaching herself to put food in her mouth.


I hope this gave you some great new ideas for pureeing your babies food and reminds you that pureeing before baby led weaning is still okay to do! It doesn’t mean you are creating a fussy eater. I think it is so important to follow your babies lead and what you are comfortable with and go from there. I truly believe we don’t create bad habits. We are creating individuals. Go forth mama…

Keep up simple creative meals with these 25 baby puree ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
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