Best Affordable Travel Stroller

Best Affordable Travel Stroller

If you a planning a short trip or a long haul flight you might already have thought about the best travel stroller for your journey.

The best stroller has to be affordable. The most affordable and best stroller didn’t exist in the one sentence. Not unless you consider $300-$600 for a travel pram affordable.

Do I need to bring a travel stroller?

If you are travelling with an infant or kids a portable travel stroller is more important than a baby carrier! You will always have the arms available to carry the baby but it is important you make sure you have the wheels available too!

There are many benefits to bringing one…

  • If your infant or child still naps then you don’t have to worry about rushing back to the hotel as they can take a sleep while out and about.
  • Your arms are free! I brought a carrier on our travels as well as our travel pram when we went interstate but I couldn’t bear the weight of my 6 month old for longer than an hour. I still remember walking down to the mall that day wishing I brought the stroller instead of the carrier!
  • You won’t even notice it is taking up room because it folds so small!
Easy to carry folded or pack into suitcase!

The Best Affordable Travel Stroller I use cost me just over $100!

That isn’t a risky investment. It is a worthy one! At 5.8kg it folds so compact it is certified to bring on flights and store in the overhead compartment. When I ordered mine it also arrived two days later. I opened up the box and was pleasantly surprised at the quality! It was everything we needed in a portable travel stroller. You can check out the one I purchased here !

You don’t need the most expensive to fit in the category of the best travel pram.

This stroller is affordable, compact, easy to fold, lightweight, has sufficient storage, reclines for sleeping and is easy to drive! If it ends up falling apart in a year or two then at least I can still buy six more before I pay the same full price for a premium branded stroller that looks and does the same thing.

If you are planning to travel with an infant soon check out my essentials list for travelling with a six month old here.

A luxe travel pram option I recommend…

If you are into spending more money on a quality product that meets all standards there is one travel pram that is above my preferred spending that I would recommend. I did a lot of research and if our one ever happens to fail us it is one I would get! This one is a luxurious brand but still reasonably priced and the best part is it has a one hand folding system! Perfect for if you are travelling alone or in a rush!  I have popped a photo below but you can read more about it here

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