Best Travel Cot

Best Travel Cot

From one mum to another, I have found the best travel cot you need. It has all the features you have been looking for or if you are a new earth side mama like me then it has all the features you didn’t know you needed!

The best thing you can do is buy the right travel cot the first time.

If your anything like me I do love other reviews! I got a few travel cot reviews on the Traveller Portacot by Phil & Teds from other mums who highly recommended it! I had a look online and it seemed pretty good!

I am impatient though, I couldn’t simply get one nearby right now so instead I went to the shopping centre nearby and picked up the best travel cot I could find.

First mistake, spent money on a travel cot that no one recommended. Second mistake, struggled to get it to the car with a baby in one hand and a heavy box in the other. I should have seen the signs then! If I couldn’t carry it then, then how would it be easy to get around on our travels?

I returned that travel crib within the week and decided it was best to shop around especially since it is a cot I want to last us through all of our children.

There is a few things that you should know are important about the portacot you choose:

You need a comfortable travel cot mattress!

A lot of travel cot mattresses are thin and hard, like cardboard. Who knew? but I can tell you a baby won’t happily sleep on a bed equivalent to the firmness of your tiled floor.

Lightweight Travel Cots will make travelling simpler!

Say yes to a lightweight travel cot. The Traveller Portacot by Phil & Teds weighs the same as my daughter at birth. 2.8kg. I love that I could help carry our items inside with Elle on one arm and the Traveller Portacot in the other.

It can also be a Travel Cot Playpen!

The Phil and Teds travel crib also doubles as a playpen. Useful with a little crawler who needs to be contained while you unpack or to keep them within vision at your afternoon bbq!

Crib Play Time!


If your in the market for the best travel cot then take it from my review that I have done the hard yards for you! A purchase you won’t regret. It is a great portacot and I am so happy we decided on this one.

If the Phil & Teds one isn’t quite in your budget then I also found a similar compact one that I would trust purchasing! You can check it out here. 




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