Create an Indoor Cubby

Create an Indoor Cubby

Did you remember growing up and having a cubby house? Nope, I didn’t actually. That was a luxury and whilst jealous of the friends that had one I just really didn’t know how much I was missing out on until I decided to make that little inner childhood dream of my own come to life for my daughter.

After all; I am creating the cubby house for me really, not her. Well actually that is some what true because I am creating it for sanity. You know to be able to entertain the toddler for a few hours from the ease of home. It’s like a fun playroom that keeps everything contained inside.

A life size indoor doll’s bedroom cubby.

The theming for our indoor cubby creation wasn’t the typical pop a play kitchen in there and your done but instead to think about really what my daughter is passionate about at this stage in her quickly developing life and that was to see that she is incredibly adoring of babies and dolls.

I won’t lie, she has about 5 dolls and counting. All that resemble the likes of a real life baby (hello, she’ll have a sibling in 4 weeks) and I really want to nurture that love she has for babies. I know toddlers and particularly girls love to copy their mama’s. They love to resemble and do the tasks that an adult finds important day in and day out.

She has clearly seen me look after her all too well because she gets her babies up, pops a diaper on them, feeds them, sits them at the table with her, cuddles and pats them, puts them to bed, wraps them in a blanket and pushes them around in the pram and she can do this on repeat 342 times an hour.

We decided to get the Remi Indoor Cubby House from Hide & Seek Kids. We actually chose the blue colour. I was a bit nervous about choosing the blue and that it might date or not fit in with the scheme of our home but I am genuinely so happy we chose this colour. The blue is very soft and subtle. It can almost pass as grey. I do like that if we have a boy for our next baby that we can adapt and adjust the theming of the indoor cubby to suit both of them too.

Let’s go for a little tour…


Elle would like to welcome you in! Come and see inside. 

The flower arrangement in the flower box is just an assortment of flowers, the letter’s are singular purchased letters and I utilised double sided tape to attach them, pouf cushion at the entrance all from Kmart.


The beautiful wall paper is by Blond Noir and you can view this here.  I worked with them to create a soft colour palette to tie back to the neutral soft blues of the Hide & Seek Remi Indoor Cubby and love how easy it was to simply peel and apply this. The Hooded Rattan Doll Bassinet from Koko Collective is incredible! I love this brand and that they have these life size popular pieces in doll sizes for little kiddies to love and use for their dolls. This brand honestly has quality pieces. We have a rattan dolls pram from them also that Elle got for her first birthday (pictured in these photo’s) and it has lasted really well with the ambitious nature a toddler has. I am planning to make a canopy and hang from the beaded chandelier that we got from Mama Liss Shop . I will do this with some light white chiffon material from Spotlight and have currently weaved battery powered fairy lights through it to light up her cubby.

I don’t think I’ve seen a happier face!
She love’s playing in here everyday.

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