Creating a Big Girl Bedroom

Creating a Big Girl Bedroom

This is for the modern mama, the everyday mama that isn’t a stylist, interior designer or even have a knack for bringing colours and bold tones together and making it beyond imaginable.

I’m right here with you. Instagram #goals does make me feel a little pressured, a little on edge. I’m a simple girl.

I also do want my child to have a pretty room I am proud of! It won’t always compare to the boldest and best on the gram but I told myself as long as it represents who we are and captures all the pieces I value then we have done our job.

Welcome to Elle’s Big Girl Room;

You knew we were transitioning her from cot to bed for a few months in advance. If you read my bye bye boobie blog then you know I am all for slow transitions, nothing sharp and sudden and that same approach went with the big girl room transition.

The Bed

We first began by purchasing her bed. We got the beautiful Bobbie Bed – Pink in a King Single From Freedom.
I was drawn to this bed because of the sides, it has sides that slightly guard your child to keep them safely in their bed without falling out. We opted for a King Single after tossing up between a double and King Single we realised a King Single would be perfect for her age yet still big enough to fit us as a parent if there was a night she would need us. We didn’t go with the Double after contemplation because we don’t actively co-sleep and the original thought was that a bed is likely to be upgraded after 10 years (when she will probably want a Double or Queen) and therefore the space in her room will be utilised better with a King Single.

The Blanket & Pillowcase

I do value quality over quantity for certain bedroom components. Anything that is in use day in and day out is something I am willing to ensure I am finding the best for what I want. Our own bedspread is one we purchased for quite a price two years ago and I don’t regret it so I knew getting a bed cover for Elle of good quality was in my priorities too.

We got a gorgeous Deluxe Linen Ruffle Blanket in Flax from Ivy and Aida – I chose this blanket as we don’t actively utilise a doona for our toddler yet as such but thought it would get her used to the premise of a blanket and be there for when she will need to use it next winter. The underside of the blanket has a 100% cotton plush flannelette backing which does make it the perfect blanket for a bed.

I also got a Deluxe Ruffle Pillow Case in the same Flax colour way to match back from Ivy and Aida because I love the classic look of this style. I think it is timeless and the colour is simple enough that it won’t date despite any other changes I may make to her room over time.

The Artwork

Subtle is my thing – If you after a stylist who isn’t about coordinating everything and anything and making it work (I literally can’t do that) but I can choose a good statement piece! I feel like I nailed the statement artwork with our choice of Zamiah from Sailah Lane . I went with the large 50cm x 70cm size and got a frame from Ikea to match back. I love it. I actually purposely purchased this print after finding that gorgeous statement cushion in Adairs and felt I needed something to tie it back in together in which that print worked well. She does have a gorgeous range of wall stickers too in which I am eying off her new Woodlands Wall Stickers for bubs nursery.

I also couldn’t take my eyes off the thought of a wall decal. I originally wanted to opt for a full wallpaper but I couldn’t decide or put together in my mind the vision of how I could tie in a wallpaper with the other components of her room that we already chose. We got her a beautiful custom piece made that was a snippet of a larger wall mural from Stuck on Ivy. You can find this here.  I particularly love Stuck on Ivy and have admired their pieces for years because of the beautiful hand-painted designs. The mural is completely removable so you can change its positioning at any time but I love that it has given beauty to a blank wall in a simple way.


The Rug

The beautiful rug in Elle’s bedroom is the first thing I got. I knew I wanted to bring in soft gold tones into her room for the big girl room transition and this was the perfect way to do that with ease with a soft statement rug. I chose the Brittia 330 Cream Taupe Textured Modern Rug and opted for 230 x 160cm sizing as I didn’t want it to take up her whole room and more so just be a subtle feature.

The Finer Additions

Last but not least, a couple of other select pieces is the canopy. I cannot comprehend still how much a simple canopy can be sold for online. They can cost upwards of $200.00 and I just knew that isn’t a true reflection of me. I couldn’t bear to share a brand that sells the canopies for that price because I know I just genuinely wouldn’t spend that. I began what I do best and hunted for a bargain and a bargain is what I found. The canopy I got was $30.00 from here. 

The bed rail has been another popular ask about where we got that one from. I looked at numerous bed rails but opted for the adjustable bed rail from Target based on the factor that it was easy to fit and adjustable in length. It extends longer than pictured.

Let me know if you want to know where anything else is from below.

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