Easy Toddler Activities At Home

Easy Toddler Activities At Home

If you have a toddler, then you know more than anyone that you have to have a lot of fun activities for kids to do. Finding a range of toddler activities to do at home can become old quite quick. This is because the average toddler gets distracted and bored quicker than you can pull out something else for them to entertain them self with and 8 out of 10 times your involvement is necessary.

While my compiled list might involve some purchases along the way this will help you get prepped if you know you are up for some time inside with little ones!

This is my list of tried and tested Easy Toddler Activities for Home! 

  • A Quiet Book

This could either be quiet time or a quiet fun and loud time depending on what type of toddler you have. We have the ‘When I Grow Up’ Quiet Book  which I have found to be entertainment that lasts longer than 10 minutes at a time. I would recommend from the age two and up as your toddler becomes more curious on completing tasks and understanding their fine motor skills.

  • Ballet Time 

If you find the distraction of TV a long-lasting one then try engage them in an experience that will teach them skills. I discovered the online class Ballet Time after a friend launched the classes. I introduced it to Elle just shy of two years of age and have found her interest in it as equal to her liking the wiggles – the only difference? I don’t get nursery rhymes stuck in my head and she is able to stay engaged for a longer period of time.

  • A Very Busy Bag

I was personally gifted a Very Busy Bag from the director herself. Essentially mothers buy these for long car trips or flights where the bag is filled with a range of different activities to keep a toddler engaged for longer than a few minutes.

  • Lego 

I think if you are after purchasing something that will be fun for now, fun for later and fun for all then Lego is a great way to engage in some play time in whatever way you choose as its such a versatile and fun option for indoor play!

  • Arts & Crafts

Depending on the type of toddler you have this activity can last longer than 10 minutes and with the range of crafts we purchased from KMART it is an affordable activity that you can reutilise your product purchases again and again while creating some memorable art for around the home!

Entertaining a toddler indoors won’t always be a simple task, sometimes they won’t want to do anything you plan but just have a plan b, c, d and e! 

You could also consider creating an indoor cubby where they can engage in numerous imaginative play activities from cooking, to caring for babies. Check out our indoor cubby creation by clicking here. 


What are your go-to home activities to entertain a toddler indoors?


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