Elle’s First Birthday

Elle’s First Birthday

A whole year with One Elle of a Girl…

I can’t even begin to explain. A year with Elle has been as equally a dream as it has quick. She started off as the quietest, calmest soul. For the first six months you barely heard a sound out of her. Her cries were so calm and slow that I would wake at night and often have the chance to go the toilet, grab a drink of water and get comfortable before picking her up to feed. She didn’t demand much from us at all but we wanted to snuggled and stay in that bubble knowing it would pass us by quick.

As new earth side parents our journey here was painful and heartbreaking but the life that began to evolve from Elle as she grew bigger, louder, ambitious, confident and cheeky made us all flourish. She’s like a little flower that suddenly bloomed and took us on the journey too. We all evolved and opened up and let it sink in that we are really here, living in the moments we once dreamed of.

Celebrating her first birthday was a milestone for us because the first year did involve anxiousness and fear. A first birthday won’t be one that she will remember but we will. The photographs that were captured will tell the story we will share with her year after year. Which by the way is a reminder that I do highly recommend organising a photographer. We contacted Kelly from Artistic Eye Photography whom I have personally known for years but although I love to capture my own photo’s often we miss out being ‘in’ the photo and thats why I highly recommend organising a photographer.

Welcome to One and a heck of a lot of fun! I created this little poster to document all the things Elle is currently doing by one to share with our family and friends on the day. I simply did this on canva and had it printed, popped in a frame and easel that I borrowed.

Elle’s beautiful cake was custom made by the ladies at La Vita Bella Cakes.
The cake was completely gluten free so I could enjoy it too and it was so delicious! Like incredibly delicious so I highly recommend them! Yum!

The set up was just incredible! we originally planned for this to be in the park but due to wet weather we had to move our plans indoors. I was so amazed with how beautiful it all came together and the picnic set up from Maeflower Picnics just made the overall birthday vibes come together! It really took away me needing to do ‘anything’ for her birthday and I loved that I could sit back and enjoy the beautiful set up.

My house was full to the brim of people but it would so lovely having everyone attend and catching up with close friends and family in celebration of our little girls birthday!

I held her birthday around 10.00am because most of the little ones sleep around lunch time for a few hours so a morning brunch was the plan and Grove and Hollow Grazing Tables put together a beautiful grazing table to complete our brunch!

The beautiful balloon garland we organised with Lovely Occasions Party Shop I found them to be priced extremely well and it took away the time it would’ve require for me to do it myself and to source the pastel colours I wanted. I then regifted the garland to another lovely girl for her christening day as the garlands can last for two to three weeks so if you are wanting to reduce your costs even more then consider going halves in a generic garland that both you and someone else can utilise within a few weeks of eachother!

We had an incredible time and am so thankful for everyone who came and purchased her beautiful gifts. I have been asked what gifts a one year old has loved the most and for Elle she has really been playing with her new pram, dollies, a mini house and these wooden trucks with wooden people in them that I think are from Kmart so I highly recommend those gifts for other one year old girls otherwise you can’t go wrong with clothes and books!

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