Fiji Honeymoon with Kids

Fiji Honeymoon with Kids

It never once crossed my mind when I imagined my honeymoon all those years ago that I would choose to travel to Fiji and travelling to Fiji with a toddler in tow is exactly what we did and would never picture doing differently.

It made sense to choose Fiji as our first interstate trip with a toddler and as a destination to relax with tropical vibes all year round. The short flight made it all the more appealing in choosing a Fiji resort to stay!

Where to Stay in Fiji?

The most popular locations to stay in Fiji with kids is Denarau, Coral Coast and Mamanuca Islands.  It is in these three destinations inside Fiji that you will find an array of beautiful family friendly resorts! For the purpose of being on a honeymoon we decided to stay further out of town up the Coral Coast at Marriott Momi Bay.

The Marriott at Momi Bay in Fiji was a combination of luxurious and family friendly. Exactly what you want when choosing to do a Honeymoon with kids or in fact any holiday with kids.

The resort has a selection of different restaurants that ensure you don’t have to travel back into town if you don’t wish. Which was exactly something we planned to avoid due to having a toddler with us and the unpredictable nature of them little things!

In addition to this they have a fantastic kids club so although we weren’t completely open to the idea of a Nanny for our stay we did utilise a Nanny who took care of Elle in a kids club on the property for an hour or two every second day so we could have a moment to pretend we were on a honeymoon! It was great and I don’t regret it at all!

Fiji is known for being cheaper that most international destinations you may holiday at but be prepared that the Momi Bay Marriott in Fiji is on the higher priced end. We didn’t mind being our honeymoon and in all honesty I prefer to pay a little extra for resorts that have services and facilities that I am confident in. Especially now that we have children to consider in our travels.

The facilities at Marriott Momi Bay were AMAZING for parents and kids!

It really is a resort you DO NOT need to leave at all. You have the beauty two swimming pools. Both have a swim up bar! One of the pools is adult only and is in quite a secluded and tranquil spot of the resort. It is definitely worth a kid-free visit!

The other pool which is perfect for families is full of daily activities, I mean Elle had ‘baby shark’ sung to her from a lovely Fijian staff member with a guitar. She loved it! The best part is the pool does also have a swim up bar perfect for the parents to enjoy at the same time. The pool is large and overlooks the man made lagoon which is swimmable as well. We enjoyed swimming in the lagoon the most but often visited the large family friendly pool.

The Activities on the Coral Coast of Fiji for A Family

There is a range of activities that the resort provide you with options to consider throughout your stay. We completed visiting a traditional Fijian community and seeing the way they live and completing their rituals and traditional dance. It was special and insightful to see.

We didn’t embrace any additional activities for our family stay in fiji as our purpose of visitation was to do as little as possible, relax, unwind and decide as we go if we wanted to do any other activities in Fiji. However, we enjoyed our resort so much we didn’t want to venture out much.

It was only on a kid-free hour that myself and my husband embraced a paddle boarding session closer to the open ocean and rested on a secluded beach for a while as we soaked in how truly beautiful the country wash and the man made lagoons at Fiji Marriott Momi Bay.

Flying Internationally from Australia To Fiji with a Toddler

I would be lying if I told you flying was a smooth journey with an eager and misunderstanding 14 month old. The flight there was nothing short of terrible. Elle was trapped on my lap and she didn’t like a second of it. The entertainment pack I created didn’t work and the attention of the TV screens lasted less than 10 minutes. My only advice would be if travelling with a toddler who is too young for their own seat to book a seat with extra legroom. We had this for the way home and it made an immense amount of difference with Elle being able to explore a bit more safely in front of us.

It is a resort I would recommend visiting as a family and one that I can’t wait to go back to again with both of our kiddies! I think with kids you know to not expect every trip to be perfect. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Let me know if you have anymore questions below and I will get around to answering them!



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