Forever named Foxx.

Forever named Foxx.

Growing up you always have in mind the names you like and would one day consider for your own children. I think I started my ‘baby name list’ in my iphone notes almost three years before I had our son. I would see a name and think wow! That’s awesome! I better not forget it and pop it into my notes.

Those names lessen and lessen on that list as times change and you toss them back and forward with your partner and you suddenly realise you don’t have a lot of names to choose from anymore and go searching for more.

Choosing a childs name is one of the hardest and most exciting parts of welcoming a new baby!

The moment you are pregnant it all changes. It’s exciting but it is so very real! The name you choose for that child they will have for life! That name will be spoken day in and day out. Put aside trends, name calling and the ones your friends already have claimed then the list is constantly a struggle!

Our son, who was earth side for three days after I birthed him full term at almost 39 weeks which you can read about here was named:

Foxx John Fitzgerald.

Funnily enough, his name was chosen even before we were aware of his gender. 

Being almost three years ago that we physically chose his name it is quite sentimental to see the influx of Fox items that have been released on the market. I noticed the influx began towards the end of our pregnancy. Slowly but surely began our collection of Fox things.

I didn’t choose our sons name.

I would’ve only been around 10 weeks pregnant and one day my partner said to me ‘Let’s name him Fox?’
I said Fox? I kind of like it. I haven’t heard it but I like it. It didn’t seem too weird but still seemed unique. It felt like the little boy in my belly was destined to be called Fox.

Not without my input though. I wanted some contribution. I mean I had heard of Jamie Foxx so I said why can’t we add an extra x? I’d like two x’s please! Ted agreed and Foxx he would be. It felt like a strong name. I liked it a lot. We always kept an open mind that things could change after birth and that he wouldn’t fit the name.

When he was born we both knew he was a Foxx. A handsome little Foxx as such! My gosh he had such beautiful little features. He would’ve been the biggest little ladies man one day! I kept hoping as I sat by his neonatal bed that one day I would be able to say ‘he was our fighter Foxx’. I kept whispering to him over and over ‘just keep fighting Foxx.’

Me and Ted actually had the conversation the other day about how when we have another baby we would love a little girl again. We just feel like we know what a girl is fully like now and two little sisters would be adorable! It excites me that we won’t be finding out the next gender either but just speaking about Foxx then and the beautiful little features and little ladies man I know he would’ve grown up to be actually made me hope I have another son one day too…

After Foxx passed away I began to notice Fox products everywhere. I bought a Foxx plush toy that I keep on his his table of memories so I can hug that toy whenever I need and talk to my daughter about it and about him…I noticed Fox bibs, Fox paintings. It was Fox everything.

I recently got this Fox blanket from (use code MFOX15 for 15% off) as anything Fox always feels apart of our home and will be spoken about to our darling daughter. This beautiful wool and knitted blanket is something I hope she attaches herself too and carries around everyday. It does make my heart happy knowing Foxes are trending.

I remember people used to send me photos when they would find new Fox products and some with caution would ask if it’s okay as they didn’t want to upset me. I think in the whole influx of messages I have received of peoples new finds only one has ever upset me on a really down day but I do love discovering new Fox finds especially because I know when others see a Fox and know my story that they are thinking of him and us.

I’d love for you to continue to tag me in your Fox finds.


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