Phil & Teds Voyager Pram – Double Mode

Phil & Teds Voyager Pram – Double Mode

When I went out and sought a double pram for my toddler and impending arrival The Phil & Teds Voyager Pram in double mode was one of the first I had my sights set on. It seemingly had all the features I sought out. I was after a pram narrow in width, convertible from one to two and with ample space to store groceries and all those accidental Kmart purchases!

How many times did you have to walk away from purchasing a bigger item because you had no room left in the pram to carry it?

I think I can speak for a lot of mums that when it comes to prams space is compromised with storing all the babies bags first! I can’t tell you how many times I used to have to walk from a store back to the car after making a purchase just to pop the items in the boot so I didn’t have to carry them around the centre because my first pram had poor storage space.

The space in the Phil & Teds Voyager Pram is impressive! Often my toddler sits in the bottom and we don’t need to bring the seat!

This is what I love about the pram is the many options we have for utilising it from single mode to double, to carrying all my groceries and even the toddler. To using with a capsule, extending the height so the littlest baby can be closer to me and the multiple configuration options for the seats is endless. It is truly like a mini bus!

It has great strong wheels and perfect in height for short or tall parents. It is a great pram to start with as a first pram knowing when you go from one to two that you’ll only need to purchase an extra seat and not a whole new pram. I highly recommend it for those mothers who may be seeking something practical and versatile.

The only faults I have in it are not individual faults but that of many double prams is although it is a great easy fold fitting two seats into the foot of your car on top of the pram is a configuration lesson on its own. It is often the reason we just take one seat with us and let our toddler sit in the bottom if she doesn’t feel like walking! The other one would be weight bearing. When we have the seat configured with the toddler at the front it is challenging to turn corners with all the weight bearing at the front so I suggest keeping it configured with the toddler below at the back to avoid this like below!

All in all the pram is great for the first time mother or the mother about to go from one to two kids and seeking a pram that will tick all the boxes! It is equally both stylish and practical but quite affordable starting at $999 you can check out the Phil & Teds Voyager here. 



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