Postpartum Pregnancy Weight loss

Postpartum Pregnancy Weight loss

Oh the post I had been avoiding for so long because I hate focusing on how we look and instead going by how we feel! The pressure is real. How much weight did you gain in pregnancy seems to be a starter conversation for those who look amazing after having babies!

What good is it looking any good if you don’t feel good?

I can guarantee you those thin women that often still can’t take a compliment on their body image are juggling a constant routine they probably don’t enjoy of diet, exercise and strict regimes! What fun is that?

Postpartum pregnancy weight loss is bound to happen though! No matter how much you gain you will still lose some. Your going to give birth to that baby one way or another unless you do a 360 and eat the cupboard. Which does happen..

In my first pregnancy I gained 20kg and in my second pregnancy I gained up to 13kg!

The difference is real but also got some new additions! Like these stretch marks that made their way evidently across my bum! They might stick around for a few years or so but that doesn’t matter. In all honesty, I haven’t been overly bothered by stretch marks.  I think when your at the beach or a pool and your a mum people get it. They aren’t judging your body for their flaws and if you feel they are then you need to work on your mindset!

What you see online is often perfected images. Flaws removed, strategic poses and it’s fine. I’m guilty of a strategic pose. It is what social media is about really capturing our best images and the same goes for a home photo album. It is apart of the way the marketing in social media works. Everyone loves an amazing body or even better a great post partum weight loss story!

I didn’t really share my journey image for image, month to month because again it isn’t what I like to focus on. I just do it.

I don’t feel like pregnancy weight loss should be made into a journey.

I gained 13kg in my second pregnancy and it was a lot less than my first! It wasn’t because I was pregnant with a girl or genetics. It was quite simply lifestyle! I ate a lot better. More routinely. I focused on doing the things I enjoyed. I was losing weight while growing a baby too because I was in the post partum phase of my first pregnancy! I was losing weight because I started to realise that a morning and afternoon walk made me feel good, that going to reformer pilates once a week was tension relieving and that cooking food from my recipe ebook was easy!

Hi post-partum 2 babies bod & mini legs! woot woo!

It was simply about doing what I enjoy.

It continues now, I never put a timeline on losing the baby weight. I just found something that could work with me and my new permanent tag along Elle! Which was a boxing class we started doing once a week and continued to do two to three times a week but because we love it! I don’t do it to punish myself or to aim for weight loss. I do it for fun, strength and socialisation!

What are you working out for? Ask yourself that?
Then ask yourself again what you are eating for?

I eat for the delicious food that I love to eat! It is just a bonus that all the ingredients probably fit into the category of ‘best foods to lose weight’. That is what happens when you eat nutritious food!

Instead of being stuck wondering what to cook tonight, tomorrow or for a family event that doesn’t make you feel guilty then check out more about The Pregnancy & Mamahood Recipe eBook here!

Don’t let a diet rule your life! The same goes for the type of exercise you do. The gym isn’t the only place to get a workout in!

Ps, don’t forget to be freaking proud! Never try to look like anyone else but aim to be your best self! Do what you can do and if that is educating yourself to create more delicious food or starting a new kind of workout then do it and own everything that you are while doing it!

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