Quick Family Trip to Cronulla

Quick Family Trip to Cronulla

We are becoming super accustomed to quick getaways!  Our quick family trip over the weekend was to visit family and surprise my own Nana for her 85th birthday. I always get a little overwhelmed finding the perfect place to stay.

Cronulla accommodation that ticked all the boxes was hard to find!

There was a few Cronulla hotels and Rydges Cronulla looked like a popular place to stay but so very expensive for what you get!

We love practical, a little bit of luxe and getting more for what you pay!

We found the most perfect place in Cronulla. Thanks to my Aunty who actually suggested it after knowing the owners. It was a beautiful newly renovated two bedroom place set on top of the owners house. It had all the amenities we needed with a kitchen, large lounge room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a big bath, bbq, and the beach was a two minute walk.

Who doesn’t love a good bath tub!
Super spacious room and even a tv in it!

This Cronulla accommodation was a winner as I find it so important now with a baby to not have to get in and out of the car to constantly get to destinations. We walked to breakfast and lunch each day within 10 minutes, the beach was right at the end of the street and we ordered some uber eats too when we didn’t feel like leaving. We didn’t make much use of the kitchen as you can tell but it was a quick two night stay so we didn’t find the time to exactly grocery shop and then cook with family events!

Lautan Cronulla was so cutely set up and the owners have put a lot of effort and thought in accommodating their guests comfortably. It is the perfect Cronulla Accommodation for a family. They even purchased a port-a-cot for us to use so that we didn’t have to bring our own and had spare beds if needed too for older children.

My sister and her husband also stayed with us in the beautiful house. We were there for a family 85th birthday after all so it was easiest staying together and the bonus of splitting the costs was even better!

It was super hot in Cronulla while we were down there! A true taste of summer now. I am not sure whether I am excited or scared about all the hot weather ahead. You would think spending the last two years in Darwin that I would be accustomed to heat but it seems Brisbane winter has truly made me forget all about summer ahead. We escaped some of the beach heat by hanging around the fish pond the owners had built downstairs and kicking back with a book!

Elle reading some fiction surely
Daddy showing Elle all the fishes!

At times, quick trips are often a little more overwhelming than I hope. I think because we do them quite often if feels like we get into a swing of things and then change it up again with a getaway. The us before Elle would always go away though so we vowed we would continue to do the things we love to do with our new edition in tow. We just take it a little slower where we can.  I must admit Elle’s easy going personality adjusts well to anything. I believe this is from stepping outside our comfort zone frequently.

She was happy the plane flight and slept both on the way there and back. She was even very unwell this trip with a cold which then progressed into high temp fever! I was worried with the temperature she was running but we rode it out on our last night with extra snuggles and she woke up good.

We have a few more quick getaways planned for the rest of the year and while overwhelming to process it at the moment I know that we look back on moments. We remember life for the things we DID! So go and do them and if staying in Cronulla then consider the beautiful Lautan Cronulla accommodation

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