Surprise Hens Weekend

Surprise Hens Weekend

Find your tribe and keep them close. Over the years friendships drift and fade. Having a solid foundation in a friendship requires a two-way effort. It requires two people valuing each other and to always give without expecting anything in return. It’s a form of love, a friendship love.

These are my true friends. My ride or dies. My through the highs and lows. My forever friends. My bridesmaids. 


My bridesmaids did the most incredible job at putting together a surprise hens weekend for me and keeping every little detail a secret! They kept it so secret that not even my other friends knew everything. There was no way that the details could be slipped and reached me and they knew they had to do just that to keep it a secret because I find out everything. I am a master at uncovering secrets!


The Big Hens Night

I walked into an incredible set up built, styled and constructed by @thespritzchicks (my bridesmaids Tayla & Harmony) purchased, built and styled with the help of Shay, Rebecca and Natalie an incredible outdoor picnic bar! It was nothing short of pretty!



I mean look at that. Every little detail is perfect! They went to so much effort spending late nights painting, drilling, creating. I just don’t know what kind of people would do that for someone haha! They are literally amazing. I am so grateful and lucky to have incredible friends like that.

I remember waking up the morning of my hens feeling horrible! I had spent a few hours vomiting after dinner thinking I had been glutened and wondering how I would survive the night! Thankfully, one of my bridesmaids proved that Vodka is antibacterial and would help (if not, then I tried haha!) and amazingly (probably because it is alcohol) I felt perky enough to enjoy the evening!

We started off by playing a question game in which they had asked ted some questions and answers and relayed them back to me to see if we answered similar! I think we got around 8/10 right so thats a great effort and I should definitely marry him! haha!

What better way than to escalate the night with a game of ‘I have never’ which involves saying something you have never done and those who have must drink. It’s a great way to get a lot of people drunk quicker!

Then a stripper arrived! a stripper! haha! I said I would allow a stripper because its a hens night and I am quite a proper little lady so I thought I would allow something outside my comfort zone! He provided loads of entertainment for 15 minutes!

Then it was time to ‘get back’ my Maid of Honour Tay!
Anyone who had never had a male stripper strip on them had to get up and do there best strip dance on her! This provided tonnes of laughs as everyone was so drunk!

We didn’t go anywhere, we just spent the night all together eating, having a couple of drinks and playing fun games. It was my kind of perfect hens! We were in bed by 10.30pm and I loved every bit of the afternoon/evening with all my incredible friends!





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