The one push present that is worth buying!

The one push present that is worth buying!

If you are about to become a mum or are a mother doing the round for the second, third, fourth time you’d be familiar with the term push present. This push present idea stems from the fact that a woman has journeyed carrying a baby in their womb for nine months and amongst the last hurdle to push them out deserves a big reward! Of course the baby is a big reward alone but it is the perfect opportunity to convince your other half and put them to the challenge to provide a push present for mom.

If your lucky that might be a new mom car, a push present necklace or diamond ring. Either way I think you deserve all of those items on other days too so the one present I am going to tell you to gift yourself or at least put right in front of the husbands face is one that is equally luxurious for you but beneficial for you as a mother!

“Don’t just let your partner surprise you with a gift, tell them exactly what you want!”



This ‘Push Present’ has actually teamed as my secret weapon I use to leave the house unflustered, unarmed with a thousand things to carry, two kids in tow and we are ready to go whenever, where ever. It sounds like a dream right? A mother with a toddler and infant leaving the house? Trust me! I make it happen more often than not and here is how you can too!

Spark of Wild Compact Baby Bag

This isn’t just any compact baby bag. This is your mum handbag for life! Forget the ‘baby bag’ everyone said you needed. What you really need is a bag for you that you like carrying, wearing, taking everywhere without having to remember to pack your wallet, sunglasses and things each time you leave the house. A compact luxe baby bag. An actual good push present that will be useful too.

I’ve owned many large baby bags and I can tell you that you’ll just continue to fill them with everything and anything and still struggle to find what you need. I own The Olivia Crossbody Bag by Spark of Wild.  This was my indulgent push present for baby #3. I can tell you this is exactly what I needed! It is a baby bag but not like any you have seen before. Now this is actually  what I call a real push present, a unique push present I bet you didn’t have on the list before. It’s a little luxurious indulgent gift to me for just simply having a baby but it has been the best thing I’ve owned this time.

The Olivia Crossbody bag is a compact baby bag. It is your personal everyday handbag but is large enough in size to carry some baby essentials (a change mat, wipes, 2-3 nappies, a snack or bottle) along with your own personal supplies (wallet, keys, phone and sunglasses).

“This is the only bag you need to be carrying with you. You DON’T need to pack the whole house into your bag. Let the car be your hub of storing everything else!”

There is another reason I love my compact baby bag and it isn’t just because it feels like I still get to keep a bit of my independent self with having a luxurious top grain luxe bag all to myself but you can team it with the stroller straps from Spark of Wild and it is ready to clip onto your pram and transform into a pram caddy. This has been a game changer! No more grabbing everything out of the baby bag to move it to your pram caddy instead just utilise the pram straps and your bag now becomes exactly that!

I have been obsessed with the Olivia Cross Body Bag since I received it and can definitely confirm it is the best push present for wife because it teams luxury, independence while still being useful in their role of playing ‘mama’ 24/7. It will last the distance for years to come so it is an investment that you will appreciate. A push present that isn’t just jewellery. I mean you could always pop a set of earrings inside if you really want to go the extra mile but she will definitely be grateful for the pram straps too!

Of course you will likely have a larger baby bag for overnight stays, interstate trips and on road adventures (which you can see their range of them here) but it doesn’t need to be the one your cart everywhere for every single trip because you can utilise your car to be the hub of kids and baby supplies for when you don’t need to cart the whole house in your hand bag but still want the security of having access to a back up station while out and about. Purchasing a compact back seat storage organiser like this one here will give you a station to store additional supplies like snacks, additional water bottles, toys, towels, hats, shoes, socks, change of clothes, wipes, nappies, creams, sunscreen, bandaids and medicine.

It will save you many times of having to ask the question ‘did I pack everything?’. Yes, yes you did because you already have everything, every time you leave the house without having to pack it time and time again! Don’t forget to consider keeping a compact travel pram in the car at all times – check out the best affordable travel stroller I could find here. 


Cheers to deserving a push present mama! Make it one worth asking for and put the Olivia Cross Body Bag on your list!


What is the best baby push present gift you’ve received? If it is a car then please don’t talk to me haha!
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