best priced Cocoonababy

best priced Cocoonababy

Remember that baby sleep nest Elle slept in for the first five months? The Cocoonababy nest was our favourite product yet. I am continually asked about the baby sleep pod we used and I wanted to give you the confidence you need to know you won’t regret investing in one! I also found the best priced one for you too!

In all honesty, you absolutely cannot put a price on a baby that is happy to sleep long hours because they feel safe, secure and comfortable. It is all they have known for the last nine months of growing inside you is the security you gave them!

The Red Castle Cocoonababy is essentially transitioning them from womb to world with that continued womb like comfort and safety. When we first got it I would use it on and off not really sure if I wanted to commit to using it. I soon realised that every time we would use it we would get longer sleep.

It made sense that she would sleep long hours from the optimal positioning the cocoon provided.

That’s it, from the moment I realised that our night sleep changed we committed! we were refreshed parents and often asked ‘how is your baby sleeping?’ only to respond with well good. We would get six hours before she needed a feed and back to sleep and waking four hours later around 7am. We were doing great! Those aren’t words you often hear from parents of a newborn.

The baby cocoon bed soon was coming with us everywhere!

She slept on it on the lounge, at the beach, on our getaways to hotels, in her cot. It was the easiest product to bring anywhere and everywhere and the best part was that she was familiar with it so she didn’t mind where she slept.

We also didn’t have issues transitioning Elle to her own room as she was familar with her baby nest.

We just popped the nest in the cot when transitioning her and she quickly became familar with her surroundings. It is worth its weight in gold! The cocoonababy keeps babies legs raised which is optimal for reducing gas and slightly raises their head so they can digest their milk without being disturbed and reflux is a common occurrence in any newborn from their soft digestive tract. It also reduces the chance of ‘flat head’.

I did the research and found you the cheapest Cocoonababy on the market delivered!

So, while an amazing product it is a bit of a luxury. A luxury I still would pay for regardless of the price because of the amazing sleep quality you get but also your baby. That sleep is important for their growth too and just as much the product makes your transition to motherhood smoother.

You can purchase it for $30 less than market price with quick delivery here

When it comes time to transition your baby out of their Cocoonababy nest I have written how I did here

2 thoughts on “best priced Cocoonababy”

  • We finally purchased one and our Bub loves it
    Would love to know when Elle started sleeping 6 hours straight 😊
    My little Bub is 5 weeks and he did a 5 and a half hour sleep 1 night but hasn’t since then. Have had the cocoonababy for about a week and a half.

    • How good is it! I feel like the newborn stage was so far back now I can’t remember exactly! You seem to never remember the bad nights and only the good haha! (that must be why we have more babies 😉 ) but from what I can remember it was quite early. There were definitely nights of 3 hourly wake ups if she was feeding more etc but we had pretty consistent nights otherwise! x

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