Where are our products made


Our products were designed and created in Australia, but our product is produced in China and there is a reason for this. 

I once had an Australian Made and produced brand in 2014, and I was eaten alive by my competitors who had made the commitment to have their production off-shore. It turns out that more potential customers will value the cost for a product vs. the location of production. 

I chose to produce in China for the below reasons:

1. I sourced every Australian production company possible, and this process took me 7.5 months alone of communications, trialling samples and being consistently met with costs that were unrealistic for the audience I wanted to sell to. There was simply no Australian manufacturers who could do what we wanted for the price we needed it to be. We didn't want to create a product where we needed to charge our customers $60+ to purchase because our goal was to make our range affordable for more accessibility. 

2. China had access to the same printers, and a higher product quality for less. We were incredibly happy with the production process, and the team we are working with. We communicate with them each week and have virtually met our production team. We've always developed an incredible relationship and recommended them to many other Australian businesses who are super happy with our production team!  



All Wholeheartedly products are despatched from our Brisbane, Australia warehouse. Our team is based in Australia, as a small business we employ locally and work with incredible team members who help to bring the whole vision of Wholeheartedly to you.  


I always want to be transparent about where our products are produced, and the reasons for this because this is a decision we made as a business and as a person in business. We're always looking for ways to improve, and one we know better we always aim to do better. We love our current production process, product quality and the price we can bring it to you for.