Grief empowerment

This is the part where we change the outcome. We create impact, resilience, and connection when we share the vulnerable moments with the little people in our lives and learn how to navigate it together.

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hi there


It's been quite a journey here. My first experience with death was the most impacting one of all - the loss of my 3 day old full term child who was welcomed into the world healthy and kissed good-bye within days. This was a child who was so loved and prayed for already.

It broke my heart, but I was grateful that I could welcome two more children earthside who are here today and its through raising these little people while learning how to grieve my son who left too soon that I decided I would make that journey open, sharing it on socials and speaking about him with my children.

This is how our first products were born, through the intention of educating, empowering and building connection with my children to talk through the very real process of loss, grief and death.

My impact is to help children process what can happen at any moment, but give them the tools and comfort to know that those who are gone can still be remembered and how to grieve gently during this process.

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