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I'll always be here

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Dear Mama,

You know you can still be called that. I know this isn’t the journey you planned.

I know the road that leads you here has been rough and you ask yourself a thousand times why.

Just know, that you mama can still see me if you choose to notice the signs all around.

I’ll be here, I’ll be the guiding light and I hope you’ll choose to hold onto that despite our distance.

I’ll always be here

These words were inspired by seeing all the little things for more, may you always notice the signs that those who love us from above send back our way.

Still a Mama Print Collection 

This print has been created in memory of all the babies no matter how big or small who were once connected to a mother. 
This represents love and loss in its purest form of grief. 

I hope that whether it was you who felt called to give this print a home in your own or the home of someone else who needs it that you feel love, light and warmth over come you every time you pass it by. 

  • This print is downloadable only. You will be required to print it.
  • Print options included in download are both A1 and A4.