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My Sibling Above

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For all the siblings who hold a brother or sister close in their heart, or the parents who want their children to know about a little one watching from high up above. This is the Childrens book to guide them gently through the story of loss and speak freely about those who we love and adore, that are not on earth anymore. 

Allow your children to explore and understand how they might've had a sibling come before them, or after and how we can keep their memories alive through our daily lives. It's a gift to be able to share despair so deep with the little people in your lives and build them up with resilience and understanding, that for each person they may meet in their lifetime, might have a story they carry within their heart. 


  • Easy to understand 14 page rhyming story
  • Hardcover to keep safe from little hands 
  • Gloss-coated internal pages for strength from little fingers that love to tear


My Sibling Above is Childrens book dedicated to our son Foxx Fitzgerald (flying high above) and inspired by our daughter Elle, her love of reading and talking about her brother Foxx inspired me to create this for all the siblings and to share with all of you. In honour of all the little siblings dancing high in the sky.

*Please note, this book does mention the word Heaven, and also talks about a "mummy and daddy". 

This book is written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald and Illustrated by Sarah Hill.  
ISBN: 978-0-6451351-0-7